Thursday, August 27

those colors don't even match

I love me some bright colors, and J.Crew's classic leather belt in neon orange is b-r-i-g-h-t. I would describe it as a radioactive traffic cone kind of orange. Is it wrong that I decided it looked positively delicious paired with an aqua blue pencil skirt?

Cotton On grey cami
Cotton On black cardigan
J.Crew double-serge cotton pencil skirt in tropical aqua
J.Crew classic leather belt in neon orange
J.Crew Augusta heels in soft apricot
Forever 21 white flower ring

she eyes her discarded flip-flops with suspicion...

I love love love these heels, which I got for a steal from JCA's Great Weekly Exchange. Unfortunately, the left shoe was a bit loose because my left foot is apparently smaller than my right, making all slingbacks kind of a problem. -grumbles- I wore these to work before getting heel grips to fix the problem (I'm impatient), so I was clacking away as I traipsed around the office.

I bet every time I got up to go to the cooler that there was a volley of "OMG SHE'S UP AGAIN" IMs being sent around. No one complained (out loud), but I'm sure they'll appreciate that my heels now fit properly.


  1. i LOVE that color combination...i was actually at jcrew earlier today looking for the neon pink belt but they were so out! so sad

  2. Oh, I love this outfit! Love it, love it, love it. What an awesome way to pair the Augusta heels, too- I have those exact same pumps and I think you've inspired a new way to pair those puppies. ♥

  3. sharon - I wanted the pink one too, but my J.Crew also was sold out of them. sad! :(

    chloe - thanks! :) those heels are so great, I just want to wear them everywhere!