Wednesday, September 16

hey little girl, I wanna be your boyfriend

Today was possibly the longest day I've ever had at work. EVER. OH MY GOD HOW IT JUST DRAGGED BY. I must have checked my email every 5 minutes, and I don't even know why because no one ever emails me. It didn't help that I was practically falling asleep at times while I was typing up my articles.

I'm thinking about running the idea of "Hammock Time" by my boss. You think he'd bite?

Urban Renewal Ramones tee
J.Crew Houndstooth Bow Button cardigan
DVB skinny jeans
Target Mossimo sandals
Lucky bracelet
Target Xhilaration watch

bow buttons!

I got the cardigan from the lovely Tres Tippy off the J.Crew Aficionada Weekly Exchange. It's so soft and cute, and I adore the little bow buttons! I just want to sleep in it, except then it'd get all wrinkly and weird, so maybe it's best if I didn't.

I've also decided to start uploading bigger versions of my photographs, in case anyone is so inclined as to see something in more detail. Click and viola! Bigger. Not necessarily clearer, though, because my camera kind of blows. It likes to record videos sometimes instead of taking a photograph, so I end up with all these 5-second videos of me standing there like a doofus, wondering why I didn't hear the shutter click yet. Awkwardsville.

Hey! Now we can play "Name That Album Cover on the Wall Behind Me." It's always a fun game. 500 points goes to the first person who can name the one in the top row that my ginormous noggin is blocking.


  1. hi! so glad you like the cardigan--it looks SO cute on you! i'm glad it went to a good home :)

  2. i recognize franz ferdinand (obviously :)), in utero, demon days and uh...sorry, i got too distracted laughing at the awesome stack of j.crew boxes in your closet to continue trying to name more :)

    the houndstooth bow cardigan is too cute for words! love the pairing with the striped ramones shirt ;)

  3. i like how you mixed the girly caridgan with a bit of rock and roll in the tee shirt. Very cute!

  4. Today dragged ass for me too....maybe something was in the air?

    Great cardi!

  5. Tres Tippy - Thanks again!

    Gigiofca - Thanks!

    Goldenmeans - Good job on the ones you got! -applause- And my closet is horrendous, haha, if you couldn't tell! But to be fair, the HUGE box in there is from Nordstrom's. ;)

    Pamela - Thanks! I'm a rock n' roll girl at heart, even if I don't dress the part.

    Sarah - Ooo, maybe... My coworkers were feeling it too!

  6. love your outfit. love the mix of colors and patterns. love your style

  7. btw, i am oneprincess1027 lol. signed in under the wrong name. Thanks for stopping by my blog

  8. I'm loving those DVB jeans! I've been a bit apprehensive about them--I haven't even tried on a pair. But they look GREAT on you so I may have to give them a second chance. If you're successful with the "Hammock Time" proposal, you'll have to share your winning strategy with us! ;)

  9. Patina - That happens to me all the time, haha! Thanks!

    Rosemary - I was surprised at how well the DVB jeans fit me. They're my favorite pair because of the fit/wash. But the best thing about them? Minimal hemming required. YES! (still working on the "Hammock Time" proposal...)