Friday, September 11

I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay

I just got back from a fun evening out with a friend and his friends (did you follow that?). We went to see 9, which was an okay movie. The visuals really carried the film through while the storyline hobbled along like the guy who keeps falling down in a three-legged race. I promise I'm working on those analogies. They'll get better.

Forever 21 ruffle top
J.Crew double-serge pencil skirt
Steve Madden heels
J.Crew classic leather belt
J.Crew faceted gold bangle

The ruffles make the red buffalo plaid less lumberjack-y. I feel like if Al Borland ever got married, this top is what his wife would wear.

he's definitely bringing sexy back.

And one more lumberjack reference:

Gotta love Monty Python.


  1. This top is TOO CUTE! It's the perfect blend of feminine and well...lumberjackian. :) I also love the color combo with the skirt. Very adorable outfit!

  2. hahaha!
    i just hope al's wife would not be... you! :p

  3. Love the top with that skirt!

    Please don't tell me you have a thing for lumberjacks?

  4. AppGal - Thanks! "Lumberjackian" should totally be a word.

    Pamela - Thanks!

    Chloe - No, it'll have to be some other lucky lady, I've got eyes for someone else!

    Sarah - HAHAHA, no, I don't have a crazy fetish for lumberjacks! If I did though, I'd go for the guy on the Brawny paper towel packages. Me-ow!

  5. Great outfit! Love when traditionally manly prints are combined with girly touches. Ha, yes, and as far as lumberjacks go, Brawny man is waay better than Al!

  6. cute top! the al borland reference is hilarious. did you have to hem the double serge skirt at all? I'm almost 5'4 and those skirts always look a tad too long on me but i love the fit and the way they look on everyone else!

  7. Rosemary - Brawny man for the win!

    Tres Tippy - I'm 5'3 and bought the skirts in a 6P, so I didn't have to hem them at all. Have you tried the petite sizing? Hope that helps!

  8. I'm mad for plaid right now. Ah ha. That top is too cute.