Monday, September 14

weather denial

Houston only has two seasons: hot and not hot. I was hoping that today would be a "not hot" day, but boy was I wrong. Wishful thinking, huh?

Cotton On cami
J.Crew ringspun cardigan
Earnest Sewn skinnies
Star Ling boots
Lucky locket
Target Xhilaration watch

I was rather shlumpy today. I must have tried on a billion different things before deciding, "Meh! I'll just put on whatever!" How is it that some days nothing seems to fit or look right?


  1. love those boots! i have those meh days too...i once wore my short boots to work in the middle of july even though it was 100+ degrees, just because i loved them so much :)

  2. Sorry today was a hot hot one! You're outfit is too cool though! ;) Hopefully you got to spend a lot of time indoors with air-conditioning?

  3. The good news is that at least most building in Houston are cold, so you can at least pretend that it is Fall.

  4. Sharon - Who cares about dressing appropriately for the weather, right? Haha!

    Rosemary - That's the crazy thing - indoors it's FREEZING, but outdoors, it's HOT HOT HOT. I never know how to dress!

    Sarah - Definitely, but the drives home are brutal hot.

    Tastymoog - Thanks!