Thursday, October 8

early dismissal

The air conditioning at my office has been nonfunctional for the past week and a half. In a city that's still sweltering in the high 80s, that's kind of a big deal. The maintenance guys has been "working" on fixing the A/C unit for days now, and no progress. None whatsoever. Every time that guy is in the closet where the unit is, all we can hear is hammering, drilling, and all sorts of other sounds that indicate he is hard at work to bring us some relief, despite the evidence that whatever he's doing is not working.

(I have a sneaking suspicion that he's really in there napping, and all those sounds we hear are just playing out of his boom box.)

Today, my cell phone screen fogged over when I walked into our office. FOGGED OVER. And I'm INDOORS. This was clearly too much, so after about an hour, my boss decided that we all should go work from home for the day. HECK YEAH. (for the record, I did get a large amount of work done at home)

F21 shirt
Joe's Jeans denim
Target Mossimo sandals
F21 necklace
Modcloth Camelot ring

This ring from Modcloth is absolutely funky and adorable! The "ring" part is made out of painted wood, and the castle bit is hard plastic. My only complaint is that the castle is a bit pointy, and if you're as uncoordinated as me, worrying about accidentally gouging out an eye on one of those turrets is not totally irrational.


  1. Ummmm....will be mimicking this outfit big time! ;-)

  2. Your cell phone fogged over?! That is insane! Glad to hear the boss let you all off early. Super cute ring!

  3. I would quit your job. Seriously. Broken A/C in Houston is a deal breaker for me.

  4. Angela - Thanks!

    Gigiofca - Haha, that's super flattering of you to say!

    Rosemary - I know, right?! That's just crazy hot/humid!

    Sarah - Luckily, there is some good news... -drum roll- THE A/C IS FIXED!

  5. I am wearing my necklace today! And I have black and denim on!! I swear I just saw your post today (Friday!!)!! Twins!
    Don't you love the necklace? Except my cowrkers can hear me jangling down the halls!!

  6. also, i want that necklace too!

  7. Pamela - Twins indeed, haha! The necklace is pretty great, even if everyone can hear you coming!

    Angela - It's adorable!

  8. i'll have a necklace too please!