Friday, October 9

please stay, cold front

It dipped down to the 60s today. The 60s! Could cooler weather finally be on the way? My friend said, "You don't want it to get cold because it's too hot right now - you just want it to get cold so you can accessorize!" He knows me too well. I have a soft spot for long coats, knitted scarves, and colorful tights, so I want it to be cooler now now NOW!

J.Crew perfect fit shirt
Hudson jeans
Star Ling boots
F21 necklace
J.Crew ruffle front coat

I scraped all the mud off my ACL boots, and as you can see, they didn't escape unharmed. One boot is clearly darker than the other due to some water staining, but eh. I like to think that it gives them more character, hahaha... Sweet denial!

I love the J.Crew ruffle front coat, and only wish that it came in petite sizes because the sleeves are a bit too long. Other than that, it's perfection!


  1. That coat IS perfection. From needing AC last week to 60s Friday. I think you ARE getting your cooler weather. Get out the scarves!CRAZY!! We have a frost advisory this morning here in WI! As an aside, i love the closet in the corner! Looks like mine after I receive a few deliveries. Whew..I don't feel so bad! :)

  2. yay i have the same coat but in black! can't wait to start wearing it. the prob with the weather here is that its been really cold in the mornings but super hot by the time i leave work :( have a good weekend!!!

  3. I love love your coat! so cute! Anyways, 60s sounds so good to me right now, it's SNOWING here! Can you believe it???

  4. snow, cold advisory????? ugh!!! i know it's coming our way. amy, i love your casual weekend outfit and your coat is sooooooo cute. btw, your boots now have that great worn in, aged look-love it.

  5. i love cool weather. the coat looks lovely on you--can the sleeves be shortened by a tailor?

  6. That coat is sooo cute! I won't lie, accessorizing is one of the few reasons I like cold weather too :-)

  7. Cute coat! I'm dying to buy myself a wool coat, but the weather where I live never gets that cold - I used to live on the East Coast and still feel nostalgic for the scarves and ear muffs.

  8. Great looking coat! Looks perfect on you!

  9. I love the ruffle front coat on you! It is perfection. :)

  10. LOL @ your friend's comment. I'm just like you ;)

    The ruffle coat is awesome. I may just have to cave in and get it now!

  11. Yowza! That is the best coat I've seen in forever! Also, I love the tie on the back your F21 necklace! So cute and delicate...hmmm...must get myself to F21 stat.

  12. i think it's gonna get warm tomorrow! but I guess 80s is better than snow?

  13. I was so afraid to wear any coats (even lightweight ones) on Saturday because I didn't want the weather to get scared and leave!

  14. Pamela - My closet is a permanent mess, haha! I really need to clean it, but every time I decide to, I take a look at it and surrender that ambition. It is out of control!

    Tres Tippy - Ick, I hate indecisive weather! But if it's cool in the morning, that means it HAS to start cooling down altogether, right? Then your black ruffle front coat can come out and play!

    Daily Lily - Agh, snow! It's pretty for the first week, but then after that, snow just gets annoying!

    Patina - Snow is no fun after the first week! Then it turns into a slushy mess! Thanks for the compliments! My boots are still two different colors, but oh well, haha!

    E - I thought about getting the sleeves shortened, but at the moment, am too lazy to bring it to a tailor! Well, that and too forgetful...

    Tatiana - Scarves and coats are so much fun to throw on!

    Christina - Oh no! I'm sure those who live in snowy areas would be envious of how your climate never dips that low, but I would miss coats too!

    Kristin, Yogagirl, A Bigger Closet - Thanks!

    Goldenmeans - Dooo it! Haha, it's so super comfortable!

    Rosemary - F21 has really stepped up its costume jewelry game lately!

    Angela - 80s is definitely better than snow, although it's still chilly out! Which is perfect!

    Sarah - I wore mine for that exact reason! I thought, "This may be my only chance for a loooong time to bust this coat out!"