Monday, November 9


It's a dreary day today (Hello, sunshine? I wasn't aware we broke up. Please come back to me, I miss you), but reading all your wonderful comments about why you love the holiday season just makes me super warm and fuzzy inside! Dinagideon from My Superfluities is one of the lucky ones to experience less crowds around the holidays, Summerilla from Sum Sunshine is a holiday foodie, and Shannon loves advent calendars! Cute!

Remember to enter the giveaway for a J.Crew scarf and Hue tights HERE, and tell me why you love the holidays!

And now, the OOTD:

Purple printed top, F21
Ruffled Celosia cardigan, J.Crew
Honeyed Peplum skirt, Anthropologie
Blair Open Crochet tights, Urban Outfitters + Bordeaux tights, Hue
Allie flats, BCBG
Jewel sunburst ring, Target

The tights you see me wearing are the same ones from the giveaway. (Did I mention that you should enter in it HERE?) Well, meaning I bought a pair for myself as well... don't worry, I'm not giving away used tights, hahaha... I figured I'd wear it so you all can see what the color looks like. I layered some lacy black tights over them, so the best representation of the shade is that little patch of color by my knee.


  1. I like the purple paired with the yellow.

    I love different colour combinations like that... :)

    P.S. please check out my blog if you have the time! I've just started (like, literally just started)

  2. purple + yellow = perfect. you look too cute! :)

  3. you look so cute. i am in love with that skirt!

  4. I think you lied to me when you told me you needed help styling this skirt ;-) You do an amazing job pairing it w/awesome colors. I love this combo!

  5. me loveth this color combination. i'm going to dig through my wardrobe to see what I can come up with. i adore your skirt!

  6. cute! I have a miniskirt in that same yellow color... somewhere at the back of my closet... :S

    haha... you rock that outfit girl!


  7. another great color combo! Love the Target ring!!!

  8. ooooh I love it. you layer tights like a pro. I should try that sometime!!

  9. and the ever-present bsb poster always makes me smile

  10. you look FAB! love that skirt on you! you always know how to bring some color in!

  11. love the colors! What is the pattern on the forever21 top? Once again, everytime you wear the honey peplumed skirt, it always tugs my heart...still too expensive on ebay!

  12. Style on a - Thanks! I'll be checking it out soon!

    MODG - Thanks!

    goldenmeans - Thanks! It's one of my favorite combinations, right after yellow and grey!

    OneFashionistaDiva - Thanks! I am getting a lot more wear out of it than I initially thought, which makes me happy!

    Kim - Actually, your idea of pairing it with teal is what made me realize that I can do color with it instead of just sticking to black and white! Thanks! I'm still searching for the perfect teal top to pair with it too, so I can do a Kim-inspired look!

    Patina - Thanks! Shopping your closet is the best! I'm sure whatever you come up with will be great, I always love your look!

    Toothfairy - You should totally dig that skirt out! I love a good yellow!

    Pamela - Thanks! The ring is a lot of fun, and reminds of why I love Target!

    Maria - Yup, I'm a proud Backstreet Boys fan, and always will be, haha! And do try layering tights, it's fun!

    ashley - Thanks! Colors are my friend, haha!

    Angela - The F21 top is some kind of paisley-ish pattern, I think. Whatever it is, I like it, haha! And don't worry, someday the Honeyed Peplum Skirt will be yours! I'm wearing it a lot more than I thought I would, so I personally would say that it's worth every penny!

  13. I love the anthropologie pelpum is such a great cut and color. I especially love the colors that you paired it with. You have a great eye for combining bold colors in a way that is not too distracting or busy

  14. You know what this outfit needs?



  15. (Ha ha ha I am funny funny funny.)

    Joking aside- your outfit is darling. Darling!

  16. OMG, I absolutely love the colors in your outfit. What a stunning combination right down to those tights. I have a purple top from F21 too that I've been wondering how to style. It's perfect with your lovely yellow tone skirt and dark cardi. I think I may have to borrow your styling idea for this one! :))

  17. I love it Amy! That skirt is so pretty. And the color combination is perfect for fall.

  18. That skirt is absolutely gorgeous, both in color and shape!

  19. Debye - Thanks! It is a lovely skirt, and I feel like very little could go wrong with it, haha!

    Chloe - Hahaha, Uggs. That's one thing that is banned from my closet. BANNED! Well, that and stirrup leggings. Pass.

    A Bigger Closet - Go ahead and borrow! You have such great ideas on your blog too that I draw inspiration from, so it's great to hear that I've done some inspiring too, haha!

    e. - Thanks! I think the goldenrod yellow is absolutely a fall color!

    Kristin - Thanks! That Leifsdottir really knows what he/she is doing!

  20. GILTfuse has the honeyed peplum skirt for $98, AND the sprightly skirt for over 70% off~! gotta <3 leifsdottir on sale : )

  21. p.s. you look lovely in this OOTD. as in BROKE MY SHOPPING BAN lovely. thank god I finally found the honeyed peplum in my size because you are really taunting us with that one!!

  22. You always mix colors in the most unexpected, yet awesome ways! And those tights look killer. I'm entering your giveaway stat! :)