Tuesday, December 8

behold the power of christmas!

Things are getting winter-y around these parts. It snowed last Friday, which is a big deal for us Houstonians. My part of town got a good two inches of snow, and it was fun seeing my little sister and brother frolic in it since they've never experienced "real" snow before. My sister managed to kong my brother's friend in the head with a snowball... twice. The first time she yelled "oops!" but the second time I'm pretty sure I heard her snicker.

I wore my Monochromatic Corset Dress from Anthropologie today. It's unfortunately sold out online, but my local store had plenty in stock (it's on sale now) the last time I went, so check your store if you've been eyeing it. I had an issue with the boning in the front poking out, so I just yanked it out. The dress structure thankfully didn't suffer as a result, and I actually find the dress much more comfortable now. Just something to keep in mind if you own/intend to own this little frock.

monochromatic corset dress, Anthropologie
always cardigan, J.Crew [x]
bordeaux tights, Hue + satine tights, Modcloth
red felted heart suede flats, DIY
the time teller watch, Nixon [x]
unknown red coat circa 2007, J.Crew

The BF surprised me with a (fake) mini-tree for me to decorate and put on my desk at work. We ended up gluing some snowflake buttons to it and wrapping it in a candy cane-patterned cord and white LED lights. I hid the battery pack for the lights by wrapping the base of the tree. It looks pretty awesome, if I say so myself. I was in the parking garage elevator, en route to the office, and a woman looked at the tree in my arms and smiled. I like to think that the mini-tree is spreading some holiday cheer to strangers.

I'm going to be catching up on your lovely blogs now!


  1. Holiday cheer indeed. Your outfit's lovely too :)

  2. love your outfit! i normally don't like red color clothing but your outfit is just too darling esp your shoes!

  3. I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago and it has quickly become one of my faves! You are too cute and your sense of style is great...can you come be my personal shopper for a day?

    And I LOVE the mini tree..especially the little mini star on top!

  4. I am wearing that dress for my husbands bday party this friday :) with my red kate spade heart shoes... I love that combination

  5. cute! love the red accents! Does you coat have a slight ruffle at the collar and 3 buttons? If so it looks like the double cloth Sybil coat in Dark Poppy. I have the same one : )

  6. You look so cute and I love the red accents, too!

    I used to have a tiny x-mas tree like yours I used to put on my desk when I was working. So cute...it kept my days going counting down to x-mas when I got bored...haha!

  7. oh yay i love the outfit! the dress is gorgeous and you made it all christmas-y. :)

  8. I have a crush on your mini-tree.

  9. That is a GORGEOUS dress! And those flats....too cute. I totally want them!


  10. I love your little tree that you got from the BF! that's cute!


  11. Amy the red coat with the stripes and the tights and the DIY hearts on the flats-- this is one of my FAVORITES! Sooo ladylike but also you look comfy and super cute! Me loveth the little tree! What a nice fellow you have (and a Christmas-y one) to do that. Hubs... is like the Grinch around this time of year! Love this outfit! Wish the dress wasn't sold out online!

  12. Ooh, I have a fake Christmas tree about that size...I bought it when I was young, single, and alone. I love that tree and will never give it up...it is a touchstone to what I have been and what I will do. :)

    I love your outfit...so pretty.

    I also really love the story about your siblings...snow in Houston, pretty rare, indeed!

  13. Nice job yanking out the boning! It made me so upset so I returned mine. Next time I should email all bloggers first... duh

  14. Awww, love the mini tree. And your outfit! Too darling.

    I can't get excited about snow. It was a balmy high of 7 degrees here, and I am bitter. BITTER!!

  15. I love the dress on you and of course your DIY shoes. How sweet of your BF in getting you the mini tree.....ahhhh......

  16. I love the tree, it's so cute! And your flats are really cute too, great diy and I may have to try it myself

  17. That last photo is adorable with the shoes, coat and the tree! And nice thinking with "fixing" that dress. It looks great on you (I had to pass on it myself), I think it's a great look to mix the red and wine colors.

  18. Stylestance - Thanks!

    annie cat - Aww, I love red colored clothing, haha! Well, actually, I only love it in outerwear... now that I think about it, I don't own much other red things other than that coat and a cardigan. Hmmmmm...

    Suz - Thanks! I hope you'll keep coming back! And I LOVE dressing other people, so if it were possible, I'd totally be your personal shopper, haha! And the mini-star totally makes the mini-tree in my opinion.

    *Diana* - Isn't the dress just wonderful? And I know exactly what shoes you're talking about and I can only imagine that you're going to look awesome!

    jcbellemarie - You're absolutely right, it -is- the Sybil coat! Thanks for letting me know, now I can stop referring to it as the "mystery red coat" haha! Isn't it an amazing coat? I wore it so often that the lining is beginning to tear. Sigh.

    jcmama - Thanks! I love the tiny xmas tree! Did yours have a little calendar?

    Angela - The red coat definitely makes anything look Christmas-y, haha!

    sarah - Uh oh! My mini-tree is a heartbreaker.

    Elaine - Thanks! The flats are just cheap black suede flats that I glued red stiff felt hearts on. You can totally make your own pair! They're not very weather-proof, but ehhh, haha!

    Toothfairy - Thanks! He's a sweetheart!

    NoJCrewinJapan - Thanks! I love it too, especially now that I got the boning out. My guy is fantastic - he tells me that this is the first year he's feeling in the "holiday spirit" because I'm so excited for the holidays, haha! Maybe you can make your "Grinch" get in the festive mood too! And it is too bad that the dress is sold out online, but you never know, it may pop back!

    dinagideon - That's a great story behind your very own mini-tree! I love it! It's like the reminder that you are a strong, independent woman, and also a reminder of how far you've come. I'm a very sentimental person, haha!

    Maria - I can see why you returned it. I mean, the dress is pretty pricey, and you wouldn't want it to pinch the way it does!

    Chloe - Thanks! And yeah, if I were living with 7 degree weather and mountains of snow, I wouldn't be excited about it either, haha! But it's the same when Northerners get excited about summer... because it's perpetual summer here most of the year. Ugh.

    Debye - Thanks! He is a sweetheart and I looove him.

    Christina - Thanks! Definitely try it for yourself, it's ridiculously easy. I mean, cheap black flats, hot glue, and red felt hearts? Done!

    e. - Thanks! I didn't really fix the dress, I just got so frustrated and pulled the boning out during dinner, haha!

  19. oh you look so beautiful and ready for the holidays.

  20. Aw, you look adorable. I love the red accents to the Monochromatic Corset dress, they look great with it! And I have already told you, but I am in love with your DIY heart flats :)