Tuesday, January 12

it's beret weather

Happy Tuesday, everyone! These photos were taken with my BRAND NEW CAMERA - an upgraded version of my old Canon Powershot - which was a wonderful Christmas gift from my wonderful boyfriend. It was completely unexpected, which makes the gift even better. (I never tell him what I want) (except for the occasional declaration that I'd be really happy with a brand, spanking new Audi) (he always laughs at that... I don't know why)

I was long overdue for a new camera, seeing as how my old camera was only 3.2 megapixels and that's the standard for most cell phone cameras now. Sad. That and my old camera had a habit of recording videos instead of taking pictures. So yeah. New camera, YAY!

The photos for today's OOTD are a little washed out because I was playing around with the "Neutral" setting:

xhilaration tiered cami, Target
rust long cardigan, GAP
black skinnies, Earnest Sewn
studded rosette flats, Go Jane
knit beret beanie, Urban Outfitters
stone bracelet, Lucky Brand

I'm still making my way back around the blogosphere, so don't think I'm shunning you if I haven't visited you yet. I'm getting there!

Also, Tippy from Tres Tippy is hosting a great blog gift exchange for Valentine's Day, and you can still sign up to be part of it up until this weekend. GO CHECK IT OUT NOWWWW! (bossy much?)


  1. Great present! Did you get your hair cut? (Looks great.) The beret is so fun.

  2. I looooove your new haircut! you look great!!!!

    and yay on the new camera :)

  3. You look so cute with that beanie! By the way... I am a BSB fan too! Those are two reasons why I am following your lovely blog.


  4. When I first saw the top picture in my google reader, I didn't realize it was a beret...I thought it was your hair. Confusion ensued.

  5. LOVE love love the beret on your cute new hair! I can't get a beret to do that for me, they always slide too far back or forward and mess up my hair :-/

  6. yay for a new camera and yay for a boyfriend nice enough to give one to you :) and you look pretty adorable!!

  7. I just started following your blog, and I am luv-ing your sense of style and fearlessness in wearing multi bold colors and patterns. I've got to channel Staci and Clinton and keep reminding myself that "things don't need to match - they can just go." (Rinse, repeat, breathe). Keep up the great posts!

  8. Yay new camera!!! You look cute.

  9. i heart urban outfitters for their knit hats...aren't they the best??? that one looks adorable on you :)
    and good job to your bf for the camera, your photos are super high-quality now!!!

  10. very cute! love the hat, i'm gonna wear my beret now too! hehe.

  11. Yey, congrats on the new camera!!
    Also, very cool hat and I'm always a fan of black skinnies, they go with anything!!


  12. skinnies are my favorite ! your hair looks great

  13. I love berets! They have to be one of my favorite "accessories". Also, congrats on the new camera. Can't wait to see all the new pics you're going to take with it.

  14. Yay to the new camera!
    I love your hat!

  15. that beret looks adorable on you. I have never been able to pull off hats......congrats on the camera.

  16. you look so fabulous! love the beret and the shoes!!! oh, and WELCOME BACK! I missed you!

  17. The beret looks so cute with your haircut!

  18. Yay! You're back! And I love your outfit. Love, love, love. So casual, but still chic.

    Glad to see another Audi lover- I always say to Husband, "YOU NEVER TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT FOR (CHRISTMAS)(BIRTHDAY)(ETC)" and he goes, "Yes I do, an Audi R8. I tell you that *all* the time."

    *rolls eyes* :P