Thursday, January 28

zoot suit riot?

What a dreary morning. Clouds are blocking out the sun and there's so much humidity in the air that I can almost see the droplets of water suspended in the air. Ick.

I didn't get a chance to snap my OOTD before I headed out the door, so here's an oldie:

truly madly deeply paris tee, urban outfitters
plaid shirt, h&m
black skinnies rolled, earnest sewn
allie flats, bcbg
rings + evil eye bracelet, misc stores

I was looking a lot more like my high school/early college grunge-y self that day than anything else. I think it's the plaid shirt that makes me think that. I wore a lot of plaid back in the day. Like, Kurt Cobain plaid. I don't know why. I wasn't even that angsty, and I certainly didn't smell like teen spirit. (I did love me some Nirvana, though.)

In other news, I found these yesterday night and promptly ordered them. I have a few outfits in mind that could use these sweeties:

I love them because they remind me of flapper shoes. For the record, I don't know a flapper, have never known a flapper, and probably will never know a flapper, so I don't actually know what their shoes look like. But in my head, these are what they would wear to do their little flapper dance in their flapper dresses to their flapper music. Just work with me here.

They're available from a bunch of places (Urban Outfitters, the Seychelles website, and Zappos to name a few) if you're interested. I'll do a review once I get them in my hot little hands! Come onnnnnn UPS guy! Get these babies over to me!


  1. I thought your clock in the background was a beret. I clearly need to get my eyes checked.

  2. Man, I loved me some plaid back in the day, too. In fact, I had several plaid shirts that were like patchwork style plaid. They were all over the place and SO tacky--haha! I also loved gingham. Wow, these styles sure are coming back, eh?

    Btw, I love your tattoo and have never noticed it before. Is it a tree?

  3. I love those shoes! I saw them at Nordstroms last night in yellow and black and almost got them except I wasn't sure about those colors. I love the taupe and the the whiskey color. Can't wait to hear your review!

    I had never noticed your tattoo either, it looks like a great tell!

  4. sarah - Oh, Sarah. I don't wear clocks as berets, silly.

    AppGal - Oooo, patchwork style plaid! I just stuck with the flannel-looking plaids, haha! And it's totally crazy how those styles are coming back. Sometimes I have to make sure that I'm not buying merchandise from the 90s. As for my tattoo, I got a request to share about it before but totally forgot. Looks like I'll have to remember to do a tattoo post soon!

    Debye - Ooo, I was thinking about the yellow color but opted for the taupe instead. I'll definitely do a post on them so you can see how the colors look IRL! I'll do a tattoo post soon!

  5. i'm all into plaid right now. i don't know what it is, but i'm feelin it. i like the shoes. they look really comfortable. can't wait to see how you style them.

  6. I ADORE SEYCHELLES! Yes, that is just how much I love this brand. I own several pairs and cannot seem to part with them. They are so unique and comfortable, I don't/want to add to my collection.... Can't wait to see them on you flapper lady!

  7. OFD - Plaid has definitely made a comeback in a big way! I still just get so nostalgic when I wear it, haha!

    DEA - I'm glad to hear that Seychelles shoes are winners! This will be my first pair if I keep them, so I am suuuper excited!

  8. you crack me up. i don't know any flappers either but i agree, these are the type of shoes she'd wear. i love seychelles shoes, they are super comfy! happy almost friday :D

  9. Cute shoes. Very Anthro-y, imo.

  10. *GREAT minds think alike*! I just ordered these last night at Urban Outfitters. I had a hard time deciding betwen the pale blue and the tan. I'm waiting for them to arrive too!

  11. AmyK! Is that a tattoo I detect on your wrist??!

  12. I remember seeing those shoes at the UO website. I love their vintage shape, great pick!

  13. omg i ordered those exact same ones from urban outfitters! they fit a little small though, beware...think i'm going to exchange them for the nude pumps with the little bows from UO instead :)