Tuesday, February 16

a full skirt tuesday

I've caught the full skirt bug, readers, thanks to Tara B. from Little Girl Big Closet's feature on how to wear full skirts. You see, I own maybe two full skirts total, both of which barely see the light of day due to my own incompetence in how to style them. Until now.

Thanks to Tara's pointers and my own realization of "Hey, some of my dresses have full skirts. Why don't I just style the skirts as if they were dresses?" I finally got to pull an old - but too oft shunned - favorite out of my (ridiculously overdue for a cleaning) closet: my Theory wrap skirt.


mystery ruffle shell, ann taylor loft
'bling-button' cardigan, j.crew [x]
wrap skirt, theory (circa 2007)
'pindot' tights by eloise, anthropologie [x]
wide buckle belt, calvin klein
'allie' flats, bcbg
'pave heart' ring, coach [x]

I actually wore this outfit last weekend, but you get the drift. I'm working from home today because I'm feeling sneezy, cough-y, and all around infectious, so no one would want to see my real OOTD (pajamas) anyways. Ah-choo!

Unfortunately, this last minute decision to unearth the wrap skirt also meant that it was covered with wrinkles. Wrinkles that did not get ironed before I stepped out the door. HORRORS. I hate ironing things, but most of the time I get over this irrational hatred and do it anyway. But sometimes I just can't be bothered. And this was one of those days, especially since I had finally decided to wear this skirt 10 minutes after I was supposed to have left the house. Nice.


  1. Great look on you! I took a peek at the feature you linked, and I agree that full skirts are really flattering on all sorts of body types. I just discovered them as well, and I think I'll be adding more to my wardrobe. I always tought they'd be too girly for me, but in simple colors they are just really feminine, which I appreciate. And great tights too!

  2. such a fun skirt! gosh, my closet is overdue for cleaning/organizing as well... i dont get to wear half the stuff in there because its all buried in the back somewhere. hahaha! ;P feel better soon amy!

  3. Fun and cute outfit ... I've really been appreciating the Theory brand lately :)

  4. i need to clean my closet...but i don't wanna! i'm scared. lol!! the skirt looks great with the entire look. looks so fun!

  5. Those flats look great on you - they look like they go with everything. I love the full skirt too - I have a bunch but I don't wear them enough.

    Your OOTD from a few days back totally inspired my look for today! I love how you put things together.

  6. Hope you start feeling better soon! I'm starting to feel a little achy, sniffy, icky myself today!

    Cute outfit - love the tights.

  7. I love ironing. Love. With a big puffy heart.

  8. You look adorable and should wear full skirts more often!! I love the way you move with full skirts, it's like I want to twirl all day long. I'm so girly sometimes, it would be a travesty if I don't have any daughters.

  9. AmyK! You look beautiful!! That's such a pretty skirt, I imagine it would go with so much in your closet. So glad you gave it another chance ^^
    Get well soon, homes, I'm excited for your guest feature!!

  10. I love your tights in this photo :) They are DAH-LING! :)

  11. I really like all the patterns in your outfit - the floral top with the striped skirt and the dots on the tights. It's the little things that add interest to an outfit and you do it very well. Hope you're feeling better!

  12. aw, hope you feel better soon! and i too have one or two full skirts that i'd wear much more often if i knew how to style them better and if i actually got around to taking them to the cleaners!

  13. Feel better soon! That full skirt looks great on you. Definately styling those types of skirts with a belt to define your tiny waist makes it so cute! I have those pindot tights and love how you mixed all the patterns. It works perfectly!

  14. Very, very, very darling my dear. And I wanted that ATL tank SO badly when it was out, and never snagged it before it went *poof* in my size. Jealous!

    I also have the sniffly sneezies. Blah. I hope you feel better soon. *hands you some kleenex*

  15. I hate ironing too, yuck! I didn't even notice on your skirt though. I'm the worst--I'll wear things straight from an online order with square folds in it out because I'm stubborn and lazy.