Wednesday, February 17

L is for the way you Look at me

The long overdue Valentine's Day outfit post is finally here, no thanks to my immune system wrasslin' (as Dinagideon would say) with some cough-y and headache-y bugs.

I had been coveting J.Crew's Campo de' fiore dress since I first laid eyes on it years ago. Alas, it proved to be a cruel mistress, teasing me with its soft fabric, bold colors, and whimsical floral design only to break my heart with its price tag. But I shall not pine away in lover's woe anymore, for last week, thanks to a little matchmaker called 'eBay,' me and the Campo de' fiore dress were finally united. And for a much cheaper price. Looks like this little frock had to lower its standards to be with me, but no matter:

'campo de' fiore' sweaterdress, j.crew (circa '08)
cropped tuxedo blazer, h&m
black tights + leaf pointelle tights, j.crew [x-ish]
'polly' heels, tahari [x]
wide belt, calvin klein
stone necklace, j.crew outlet

guuueeesssss whoooo?

Boyfriend wants to join the fun, and who am I to deny him?

The dress is AMAZING. It's suuuper soft and doesn't cling too much to where I'll vow to eat nothing but ice cubes and air for the next 3 months. It is just fitted enough to where I can see my girlish form. In other words: perfection. If anyone is interested, I'm wearing a size Small and I usually wear a size 4 in J.Crew dresses.

Boyfriend and I had dinner at a great Italian place near the Galleria area. I wanted to take photographs, but the lighting in the restaurant was so dim - er, I mean, romantic - that I was afraid that if my camera flash went off, I'd blind everyone within a ten-foot radius. But the meal was fantastic and afterwards Boyfriend and I went home to watch the second season of Futurama together. What more could a girl ask for?


  1. Oh yes, I remember that dress!!! Great eBay score; it looks fantastic on you. Such cute pics with boyfriend :)

  2. Ah, I love that dress, so much so that I couldn't resist buying it at full price immediately when it came out! (Though I sure felt stupid when I saw it on majah sale and on ebay for even lower months later!) Anyway, it's wonderful, even if I affectionately refer to it as my "Smurf Dress" :) You look fantastic in it, and I LOVE the picture of you and your boyfriend posing together -- toooo cute. He seems like a great, fun guy :)

  3. Love that dress! It looks great on you! And so cute that your bf made a guest appearance.

  4. aw, i love this on you!! this is one of my favorite dresses ever! you look lovely

  5. Boyfriend is a snappy dresser himself.

  6. You know I love the Campo dress. :) You look super-cute and super-fit wearing it. (And, yes, I want to add that I am super-jealous that you got it for such a great price...I bought mine full price, like Goldenmeans...but in the end I have worn it enough to justify zee cost, but still, I am green with envy!)

    I hope your "wrasslin'" days are over soon. LOL.

  7. You look marvelous! And the BF looks so smartly styled as well! What a cute pair you guys make. :)

  8. you two are adorable! that's such a pretty dress, and what a find--nice work! sometimes you just have to wait it out. :)

  9. fantastic outfit. wish i hadn't missed out on this dress..cute boyfriend too..hehe!

  10. Oh my, that's the first time I've seen the print on that dress up close- how pretty! And you and your dude make a ridic. cute couple! Finally, season 2 was one of the best (if not the best) season of Futurama, the popplers episode and mother's day episodes were especially awesome (I love Mom) ^^

  11. Stylestance - Thanks!

    goldenmeans - Hahaha, Smurf Dress! I might start referring to it as that from now on! And Boyfriend is a great guy. I mean, he was a great friend before we dated, so it only makes sense that he's a great guy now that we are. And if he wasn't.... *shakes fist*

    Tien, Rosa - Thanks!

    sarah - I take credit for that, seeing as how I did buy him that shirt, sweater, and tie last year. But in all fairness, he was the one who put it all together.

    dinagideon - I remember seeing that dress on you and being super jealous! You looked great in it, too! Now we can be dress buddies, hehe!

    Rosemary - Thanks! And uh, I have to say that I did 50% of that styling for him. Just sayin, haha!

    e. - Waiting it out definitely works! Though it can also be TORTURE!

    Anon - Thanks!

    Tara B - The print was a lot more adorable in person than I ever could imagine from the catalog photos. It has a nice "hand-drawn" look to it. Season 2 is definitely HILARIOUS, and I can't wait for the popplers episode!

  12. OMG - I'm having a full on Rachel Zoe palpitation. Something along the lines of "I die, I die, I die ..." to infinity. That is a gorgeous dress on you!!!!!!

    (Unfortunately sweater dresses and I are not friends.)

  13. Gah! Soooo cute! Boyfriend peeping in is adoooorable. Love the dress. What a cute couple!

  14. so cute. i remember when the campo d'fiori was in stores, and i did not purchase because its sheerness was a bit of a concern for me (at least for spring/summer wear), but i totally regret not snapping one up!

    your man's outfit is similar to what mine wore for vday (vneck sweater, tie, jeans, sneaks). :)

  15. For ego-boosting purposes: you look amaaaaaazing dahling!! Seriously, that dress is so you: fun, cute, and bright! Great score on Ebay. It's moments like that when I wonder why I pay full-price for stuff.
    As for the bf guest appearance, super-cute!! You're too cute together, and love that he lets you dress him! I maintain the same at my spot!!

  16. OMG! I love this dress!!!
    I wish I had a chance to score one for myself too!!!
    The way you put it together is the cutest way I've seen so far:)

  17. I love this dress too! (I have it!) Sadly, I have yet to break it out this season! You and Dinagideon both make me want to wear mine! It looks great on you and I love how you belted it! Fab find, girl :)

  18. So happy you were able to score one - I saw a girl selling hers on her blog for around $30 not too long ago in a size small. I tried emailing everyone I knew who had been wanting one - but I didn't have your email. But I'm happy to hear you were able to score one after all! You look fabulous and the boyfriend is so fun to pose in the pictures too.

  19. Such a cute couple- the picof you 2 together looks like a cool ad. I love the Fiori -perfect on you!

  20. The Fiori dress looks so comfy. I love how you styled your outfit, esp that necklace.

  21. SO JEALOUS OF YOUR SCORE!!! This is my greatest miss of all time. And such a perfect alternative for V Day! Love it.

  22. That dress looks great and the pic with bf is so cute!!!

  23. yay you finally tracked it down! it looks great on you. i have the zebra print one from the same season and it's super comfy! cute that your bf made an appearance hehe

  24. Lisa - Haha, thanks! I normally don't gravitate towards sweater dresses either, but this one I *had* to have!

    Maria - Thanks! I'll let him know that he has fans on here, even though that may boost his ego waaaaay too much, haha!

    tastymoog - I did notice that it was more sheer than I expected when I was rocking a lime green bra under it (too much information?) but with some nude undies, it was no longer a problem. Did you dress your man too, or does he just naturally have great style?

    DEA - Thanks! And I definitely still pay full-price for some things because when you wait for things to go on sale/go on eBay, it may take YEARS! And it's great fun to dress dudes, don't you think?

    Andrea - Thanks! Stalk eBay for the dress! That's what I did, haha!

    GingerSnap - Oooo, I bet you look stunning in this dress! I had to belt it because I'm not exactly tall enough to wear a shift-style dress unbelted, haha! It makes me look too stumpy.

    Summerilla - Awww, thanks for thinking of me! You're so sweet! And wow, $30 is an AMAZING deal. I hope whoever ended up scoring that is loving it to death!

    Slastena - Thanks! I think the crazy lighting (we took these photos at night when there was no natural lighting anymore) adds to the surreal quality of the photos...

    Christina - It definitely is comfy. I was worried it might be itchy (being wool and all) but it was not at all.

    bonjouritsjinah - Stalk eBay! I must've been stalking this dress forever before I finally scored it!

    Pamela - Thanks!

    tres tippy - I know, finally! I bet you look super adorable in the zebra print version!

  25. can we talk about how jealous I am that you own that dress? I wish I'd bought it when it was out! its so pretty on you!!

  26. That dress loks great on you, I am jealous. The BF is dressed nicely as well:o)

  27. awww you two are holding hands!!! so cute :)

  28. Hi Amy! I love your blog. If by ANY chance you're selling the campo in 1, 2, 10 years from now, shoot me an email. I'll gladly pay a premium! Haha. Keep my email handy: Thanks!