Wednesday, March 24

red red wine, stay off my keeeey(board)...

And now, a conversation from last night:

Me: I accidentally spilled wine all over my laptop.

Boyfriend: Oh no, was it a lot?

Me: An entire glass.

Boyfriend: That's a lot.

Me: Now my laptop is acting funny.

Boyfriend: I'm sorry. But I missed you today.

Me: You could've called me earlier, then.

Boyfriend: I didn't know if you'd be busy.

Me: Well, I guess I was kind of busy... busy spilling wine on my laptop.

So there you have it, folks. My laptop is on the verge of death. I'm writing right now from my work computer during lunch. I'll be asking my little brother to build me a new computer, seeing as how he already offered to do so months ago when my laptop turned the grand old age of 5 (that's like turning 107 in technology years). Ah well. It was high time to let go of the fella.

mustard henley, j.crew
light blue button-down shirt, j.crew
denim, joe's jeans
village slingback sandals, mia [x] [x]

I also have a few J.Crew and Anthropologie reviews to put up, but I have no idea when I'll get to them now that the ol' computer is a-dying.


  1. Sorry about your laptop! At least now you have an excuse for a cool new one.

    My BF did the same thing before, then had the "brilliant" idea to follow it up with water to get the stick out and sat it up on its side over the towel to dry out. So if the wine didn't kill the laptop, the torrents of clean water certainly did.

    I am loving the blue on that shirt.

  2. oh no! that sucks. at least, you can get a new and improved one!

    love the blue mixed with mustard!

  3. that sucks about your laptop- but don't entirely lose hope yet! I spilled an entire glass of champagne on mine a couple months ago, and after a day or two of some weird issues (mostly with the mouse sensor thingy) it suddenly completely recovered and has been fine since, maybe something similar will happen with yours.

  4. Ouch that hurts! I was without my laptop for a couple of weeks and had to share my son's computer...totally hated it. I hated it so much, I bought a backup so that I would never be without one lol. Love your outfit. Mustard and blue together are cute, cute, cute.

  5. Lisa - While I'm not happy that the same thing has happened to you before, it is strangely comforting to know that I'm not the only one who has spilled wine on a computer, haha! And Boyfriend suggested the same thing -- good thing I didn't listen to him!

    tam pham - Yeah, it was about time for an ugrade anyways, haha!

    Natalie - Ooo, maybe! I sure hope it doesn't die on me yet because it'll take a while for me to get a new computer! Good thing I have the one at work just in case...

    Patina - Haha, a backup laptop? I love that idea! Maybe someday I'll invest in a "cheap" (because how cheap do laptops get, really?) backup one so I won't completely freak out when something like this happens - although I hope I'll never spill wine on it again!

  6. Ah! Sorry about your computer, that sucks! I love the shirt!

  7. Dang! How annoying to mess up your laptop >.< Hope you can get a new one soon, love!
    That outfit makes me happy. The bright yellow and pale blue juxtaposition = so fresh.
    But omgomg please put up your reviews asap, there's a BUNCH of JCrew and Anthro stuff I've been eying lately, I wonder if any of them are on your list!

  8. ahhhhh!!! wine...i spilled a chocolate mocha on mine a few years ago. had the same problem with it acting funny. but let it dry out completely for a few days before you make your decision.

    after drying out, it started working again!! and no issues. and now it's approaching seven never know!!

    unless you WANT a new ones are fun!!

  9. Bummer about your keyboard. Hope your computer is ok.

  10. Ciara - Aww, thanks!

    Tara - Yup, I hope I can get a new one soon too! Though knowing how much I'll have to spend on one is huuuurting my heart, haha! My J.Crew store unfortunately didn't have too many offerings, but I will post them soon!

    Mikaela - Wow, 7 years! That's amazing! I hope mine will clear up too so I can squeeze a few more years out of it, haha! So far, the only thing that seems to be messed up is that the ENTER key doesn't work and the BACKSPACE is weird. Sigh.

    FT - I hope so too!

  11. Love the outfit, the button down shirt is very nice. Sorry to hear about your computer, my laptop is 7 years old so I guess I really need to look into a new one too.

  12. My dad's laptop and my brother's laptop are all at least five years old. Mine died in November after a good three years. I'm proud of the little beasty after all I put it through.

    Hopefully, yours will squeeze through though! You might even adjust to using different keys for at least your backspace. I'm not so sure about the "enter" key, but when my keyboard started flaking out, I compensated. =P

    LAST NOTE NOW: Cute outfit! I think I might have to try something like this!

  13. That sucks so bad, Amy! I upgraded to a desktop last year after my laptop turned 5. It will be totally worth it in the end.

  14. I simply must copycat this lok- love the combination of mustard and light blue. So fun!
    So sorry about your laptop. How old was it? Time to get a new one.:)