Thursday, April 15

the hair-hex

Thank you all for your kind words yesterday! You guys are the best! If I could, I've give you all a big ol' hug for being so kind. True story! I typically handle stress pretty well, but things have just been getting to me lately. I'll pull through, though. After all, there's not much else I can do, right?

Also, check out Gigi's interview with me on Gigi's Gone Shopping, which is one of my daily reads because she does an amazing amount of clothing reviews! Thanks for the fun opportunity, Gigi!

Today is one of those days. An Uncooperative-Hair-Just-Does-Whatever-the-Heck-it-Wants-and-Everything-it-Does-Looks-Terrible kind of day. You know how you hear about some people having naturally wavy hair? Or naturally curly hair? I have what I call naturally obnoxious hair. It's partly wavy, partly curly ringlets, party straight, and all-together disastrous. Seriously. It's like I have 5 different wigs stapled to my head. That's why most mornings I attack my hair with a flat iron. But some mornings, my hair just can't be coerced into straight-ness. And this was one of those mornings. Sigh. I don't even know why I have hair like this when my family is blessed with pin-straight, silky raven-black locks. Clearly, I've been hair-hexed.

I normally would put up my locks at this point, but it's at an awkward length right now where it will not stay up with no less than the entire contents of a jumbo-sized bobby pin pack.

starburst tee, j.crew
patch and repair jean cutoffs, gap [x]
xhilaration gray tights, target
floral lace tights, urban outfitters
allie flats, bcbg
pave heart ring, coach

Being a mere 5'2" and with legs stumpier than an Ent to boot, most shorts look ridiculous on me. But that won't stop me from wearing them! I got these GAP ones a few weekends ago and I love how they're not scandalously short, but also not "might as well be wearing bermuda shorts" long. A happy medium, I'd say!

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  1. Thanks again for participating :-)

  2. Um, how cute are you?! I could never pull off shorts and tights, but you look gosh darn adorable - love it!

  3. I can't pull off shorts and tights - and are you layering the tights? How ingenious of you.

    You're looking casual and cute today - and your hair looks great too.

  4. i heart shorts. seriously, heart them like i heart you :-)!

  5. Holy cow- shorts w/ lacy tights = major sexy. I would never dream off pulling this ensemble off but somehow you look so polished in this! I loved your interview on Gigi's blog, and for the record, that honeyed peplum and chrysanthemum outfit is one of my favorites on you too ^^

  6. Wow, I love the detail on the tee!! Really cute shorts too!

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  7. great interview with gigi- I love her blog and yours. I have the same hair situation you do, I typically attack mine with a curling iron a la 1988 :)

  8. Ah, so cute! :) I wish I could pull off this outfit, which I totally can't. lol But you look super cute in it.

  9. I've never really been a fan of the tights/shirts combo (I've seen more don'ts than do's!) but you look adorable!

  10. Pretty top, and great tights(es)! :)

    I have never noticed you having any sort of bad hair day, but sorry to hear that your hair is being annoying. After a year of enjoying short hair, I am totally bored with it and starting the painful process of growing it out again.

  11. I totally agree with happy medium length shorts! And I really like that your hair has so much natural texture! That's so awesome that Gigi interviewed you! I'll have to go check that out right now.

  12. The shorts look great on you! And since we're the same height, I might just have to go check them out, mmhm.

    I think your hair looks great, but I know the feeling- have you tried hairspray? Sometimes it helps to "rough" the hair up with hairspray. I just take a strong hold kind, fumigate my bathroom with it (and uh, my head), wait for it to dry, brush it out, and voila! Hair that has a bit of texture and will stay up in bobby pins muuuch easier.

  13. I honestly have been in love with your hair for a while. Thick, beautiful, wavy- just my taste. I think it's gorgeous, but I know that won't change your mind :P