Friday, April 9

papaya pariah (okay, not really, I just can't think of anything else that rhymes with 'papaya')

For those of who were curious about my nail polish, it's the "Green 11" shade from Urban Outfitters. It's not available online, but I'm pretty sure every UO store has it. UO's nail polishes are pretty thin/watery, but after a couple (hundred) layers, the colors are incredible!

I mentioned in this post that I am in love with J.Crew's papaya-colored pencil skirt, and well, I just could not wait to wear it. So lookie here, this lovely little skirt is already out and about not mere days after landing on my doorstep.

royal blue ruffle sleeve tank, gap
guinevere cartography cardigan, anthropologie [x]
stretch double-serge pencil skirt, j.crew [x]
skinny studded belt, j.crew [x-ish] [x-ish] [x-ish]
juliet heels, j.crew [x-ish] [x-ish] [x-ish] [x-ish]

I also want to thank everyone for their awesome suggestions for Boyfriend's mom's birthday gift. I ended up taking Lisa's (from Respect the Shoes) suggestion of making a cool gardening-themed "gift bag." It was actually a lot of fun to put together, and here's the final result:

I stuffed it with gardening gloves, fruit tea, seed packets, chocolates, hand cream, and, of course, Miracle Gro, the Centrum A to Z of plants. I hope she loves it! Have a great weekend everybody, and don't forget to enter MY GIVEAWAY (OOO OOO CLICK ME)!


  1. that is a fantastic gift basket- Im sure she will love it!

    your really making me want that cardi- it looks great every way you style it!

  2. i love that papaya color! so pretty for spring!

    that gift basket is awesome! bf's momma is totally going to love it! score points for you :-)!

  3. This outfit is creative! I love your use of color. Great job on the gift basket, as well.

  4. The gift basket looks amazing and for sure she will love it- so so thoughtful.
    As for the outfit, such great use of papaya with the cartography cardi, love them together and of course your signature look- belted!!

  5. I love the papaya skirt paired with the map cardi - so cute Amy!
    Your boyfriend's mom is a lucky lady to get such a wonderful gift basket!

  6. So cute!! I love the present. I think big baskest of fun are the best presents. They are also so thoughtful.

  7. I am absolutely in love with today's outfit. I'm now on a mission to buy all the pieces and recreate it- the color pairings are so unusual and wonderful, this is my new favorite outfit on you. And I think the gift basket is so adorable ^^

  8. Your outfit is fabulous! I absolutely adore that cardi and the color combo is so original! Also, your gift basket turned out awesome! Such a cute idea.

    I just started a new blog and would love for you to check it out!

  9. Wow - I love the colors you put together for this outfit! VERY cute and I never would have thought of it. Thanks for the inspiration. I purchased the Watercolor Pastiche Skirt yesterday and I'm not in love with the fit, so I might go back for the double-serge.

  10. That skirt looks killer on you - what a nice pop of color and a great shape. And ooh, perfect-looking nude heels in patent.

    Thanks for the shout out - that gift basket looks great! Your babe's mama (ha ha - sorry) is going to love it!

  11. I am currently obsessed with papaya, and you look sharp in that gorgeous pencil skirt. the cardi adds a perfect touch to it. Great outfit overall. And the gift to your BF's mom? Fantastic. I always try to think:"would I love to get something like that for myself?" And if the answer is yes- than I know I nailed it.

  12. I love what you're wearing today. As always, you inspire me with your creative use of color. The outfit is just oh, so gorgeous. I would have never thought to combine those colors, but they all work together to create an unforgettable outfit! I'm sorry the Laporte blouse didn't work for you. I ordered the warm fig on FS, so I hope it works out.

  13. Natalie - Thanks for the compliment!

    tam pham - I am in love with the papaya color too! It's just so... refreshing?

    Tien - Thanks!

    DEA - I never thought of belting as being my signature look, but I do do it a lot, don't I? Haha!

    Kim - Thanks! I do hope she loves it too!

    Amber - Haha, "big basket of fun," I love it!

    Tara - Aww, thanks! You always look AMAZING in pencil skirts too so I bet you'll rock the outfit's socks off! Even though there aren't any socks involved...

    Southern Bargainista - Thanks! I'll check out your blog soooon! Thanks for stopping by mine!

    Michelle Q - Thanks! I love playing around with colors. Most of the time it's a disaster, but sometimes I get lucky and it works, haha! Sorry to hear that the Watercolor Pastiche didn't work out, it really is so lovely!

    Lisa - Right when the Juliets came out in that color, I knew I HAD to have it. I love patent leather and I love the whole "nude heel" thing, and this one was BOTH! I ended up getting it on eBay for about $50. Not bad, I'd say. And thank YOU for the idea!

    Slastena - Awww, thanks! And that's an awesome way to look at gifts -- seeing if you'd like it for yourself!

  14. Patina - Thanks, lady! I LOVE the way the Laporte blouse looked on you -- it looked so graceful! That's what I was hoping for but it just didn't work out, which makes me sad. Sigh. Haha! I bet you'll look amazing in the warm fig color too!

  15. That skirt looks amazing on you! The cardi adds just the right amount of whimsy too. Love this!

  16. wow that skirt color is awesome!! And love the cardigan, such a great outfit, definitely one of my favs from you :)

  17. So envious of this cardigan! It looks great on you, and perfect with the new skirt!

  18. You combine the best colors together in your outfits. I love it!

  19. Your outfit is gorgeous! Love the colors and all the pieces. I'm a huge fan of pencil skirts from J.Crew right along with their papaya color, which seems to work in outfits year 'round.

  20. Ok, so dumb question, but I gotta ask. Can someone tell me the difference between Papaya and Sweet Papaya? I've seen Crew offer both in their slim stretch 3/4 shirts.

  21. The pencils skirt looks amazing and I like the back slits. I always love Papaya color from JC.
    I love that gift basket you put together for your BF's mother. :-)

  22. What a great gift – great idea and great execution! Pretty papaya, too. I love my JC wool pencil skirt, but soon it will be time to put it away for the summer.

  23. That gift basket is awesome -- I'm sure she'll really love it!

    Great outfit -- love the skirt's color.

  24. GREAT job on the gift basket!! I love that cardigan so much because of its buttons. I love that skirt with it, too- I never would have thought to put them together!

  25. You may have said before and forgive me if I'm being too intrusive and feel free not to answer but what kind of work do you do?

  26. That looks like an amazing gift! I'm glad you figured something out for her.

    And the papaya skirt really pops with your maps cardi. Grr now I want this more than ever.

  27. The basket came out great but let's talk about the it. I also love how you paired it with the blue and the maps cardi, you are a color genius

  28. Cute outfit! Nice colour combination. :)

  29. eek - Thanks!

    Angela - Thanks, lovely lady! Where are your posts, miss?!

    caffeinerd - Thanks!

    Chloe - Aww, thanks!

    ABC - Oh yes, J.Crew really knows how to do a good pencil skirt, even for shorter gals like me!

    Michelle Q - I have no idea! Maybe sweet papaya has more of a pinkish tone to it? Haha... who knows how J.Crew does their colors!

    jcrewphd - The back slits really intrigued me too. I'm so used to there being a single back vent, but the double vents on this one makes it so much more fun!

    e - Aww, yeah, I'd miss my wool pencil skirts too if I owned any, haha... I remember eyeing the J.Crew wool pencil skirts from last fall, but never got to lay my hands on them!

    Sidewalk Chalk - Thanks!

    Maria - Thanks! I was originally turned off by all the buttons, but now I really love them! Especially since all of them are sewn on with different colored threads. So cute!

    Paige - Haha, no worries. I'm assuming that you're asking because it seems I get to wear whatever the heck I want to the office. I work at an online developmental company as a staff writer!

    bonjouritsjinah - Thanks! I bet you'd look so cute with the maps cardigan AND the skirt!

    Debye - Awww, thanks!

    t - Thanks!