Tuesday, May 11


Sorry for the missed post yesterday. It's been a rough time for me this past week. Don't worry, nothing bad happened, but that makes the whole thing even more bizarre, really. To put it lightly, I've been feeling down, apathetic, and uninspired to do anything (even dress myself, which you may have noticed). I get these episodes from time to time, but lately they've been alarmingly debilitating. I don't know what the heck is going on with my brain, but I wish it'd cut it out already.

Thanks to Boyfriend for being so patient and caring. He came rushing over yesterday night when he found out that I was going nuts. He's honestly amazing, readers. I don't know what I'd do without him there to talk some sense into me (be criminally insane, maybe).

That being said, here's an outfit:

bow neck top, ann taylor loft [x]
ringspun cardigan, j.crew [x-ish]
double serge pencil skirt, j.crew
snakeskin elly criss cross wedge flats, cole haan [x-ish]
classic leather belt, j.crew
satine tights, modcloth
starburst ring, target
stone bracelet, lucky brand

I didn't write this post to scare anyone. Believe me, things are absolutely fine! I just needed to get those things off my chest and find my way out of Gloomsville, haha... Only it seems that I've lost my map. Maybe I should put my ear to the ground or lick my finger and hold it up to the wind?


  1. Feel better. Your readers (and lurkers without blogger accounts) love you, your humor, and fabulous style. :)

  2. Well, you still look fabulous and can still put together an outfit (and great hair) like no idea.

    I can't say that I know what you're feeling, but I do get the overall "blahs" and "mehs" every once in a while.

    I like Dea's way of dealing with it, though, which is to find something - regardless if it is fashion, food, doing something crazy - that you know will make you absolutely happy and provide you with inspiration.

    Maybe it's just early May in general, but I've been feeling like the entire fashion blog community has been sort of out of it lately?

  3. judging by your outfit you look back on track :) love the blues, olive and orange...

    maybe you can find 'happiness' on your cartography cardi?? (sorry that was bad, but I couldn't resist)

  4. Oh I totally know how you feel Amy. I'm going through something very similar right now (though I can pinpoint most of my blues to the job situation). Anyhow, I'm sorry you're feeling so down - if you ever need someone to freak out to or vent, you can always email me :-)
    You look great! I love how you layer and that top is SO cute!

  5. Oh, I just love the orange with the olive! The blue does a great job of tying it all together.

    I get that way every once in a while. My episodes usually last anywhere from 2 days to a week. Don't ever feel like you have to blog. If you are not feeling it, you're not.

    I don't know what helps you, but what helps me is getting out and doing something I wouldn't normally do. It works very well to get me out of a mental rut. Like, walking in the park. Taking outfit photos in a different scenery, even if they don't get posted. Playing a musical instrument. Turning up the music and purposefully singing off key. A bath.

    When are you going on vacation? Maybe that's just what you need? I know I can't wait until mine starts.

    Feel better!

  6. Awww I totally know how you feel - I've been down lately too and going through something very similar ( though mine can be pinpointed to my job situation). Anyhow, if you ever need someone to freak out to or vent, feel free to email me - I'm a great listener :-)
    anyhow, you look great! That top is so cute and you have a real knack for layering :-)

  7. I'm a new reader, and I just want to say that I LOVE your style, girl! You look amazing in pretty much everything. I'm only slightly jealous... really.
    I hope everything gets better for you and you're able to figure out what's got you in a rut.

    ***I'm in love with that bow neck top!

  8. You look AMAZING! No sign of the doldrums anywhere. I hope you're feeling better and that you get the funk out soon!

    I was so excited to see your outfit cuz I have the same pencil skirt and I am always wondering what to wear with it. I love this navy combo - definitely trying it out soon. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  9. I hear ya, I'm in a slumpy dumpy mood lately myself. It sucks. For someone not feeling so great you sure do look pulled together, I absolutely love everything about this look. Hang in there.

  10. This is my first time commenting, but your post reminds me so much of myself right now. You could say I'm also in a "rut" even though to me, it feels like a lot more.
    I am finding that concentrating on the small victories of the everyday - like scoring a seat on the train or a lovely breeze of fresh air that makes you feel like it's a first breath after a coma - help. They don't cure the gloom, but they help get you on the way to where you want to be. Hang in there! (I also want to say that I've definitely bought some clothes after i've seen you outfit them, haha. You have great style!)

  11. Your outfit is just beautiful and when I scrolled down for your first picture, I thought "she looks sexy"!!! Must be the pencil skirt/black tights/ruffled blouse combo, paired with that pretty hair of yours.

    I'm really sorry to hear that one of the funniest/favorite bloggers is not feeling the most excited and just want to say that I get you!! I really do, and like I shared the other day, not a stranger to those types of feelings myself. Having bf around definitely helps and what Tien recommended sounds like perfect ways to shake things up a bit. Is there a backstreet boys concert scheduled anytime soon!?!

  12. Anon @ 1:17 – Thank you so much!

    Lisa – I am still looking for that something that will make me happy. I don't know what it is, though! Maybe just a change of scenery will be nice. I am counting down the days until my vacation! And I've noticed that about the blogging community too – I wonder if something is in the air?

    E Hayes – Haha, thanks for the giggle!

    Kim – I'm sorry you're feeling the blues too! Thank you so much for the kind words! If I need to vent, I will definitely drop you a line! You're the best!

    Tien – I am the same way. My episodes also last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. I've just been a little worried because it seems these episodes are escalating in intensity. SNAP OUT OF IT, UGH. Thank you for the advice! I think I'll go home and see if picking up my guitar again helps. Just SOMETHING, you know? And my vacation is in two weeks. I am so excited! I think we both need our breaks!

    Aimee – Aww, thank you! You're too sweet!

    Michelle Q – You're welcome! Definitely try the skirt with navy, I love the olive + navy combo!

    Spiffy – Thanks! I'm hoping we both get out of this funk soon!

    Anon @ 2:43 – I definitely feel slightly better when I manage to do things like find a parking spot on a lower level and get home without being stuck in traffic. But I agree with you – the feeling is somewhat more than a rut. If you ever need to vent/talk, feel free to email me!

    DEA – Awww, thanks! You made me blush, haha! I hope we all get out of this funk soon! I don't like it when my favorite bloggers are down. Especially you with your gorgeous smile that I love to see! As for a BSB concert, I don't think they're coming to Texas yet. I can only wish, haha!

  13. You look cuter on your self-proclaimed uninspired days than I do when I try! :) Sorry you're feeling down... May has been a rough month, so the feeling must be going around! I hope you're feeling back to yourself in no time!

  14. Amy I love your blog! It's great that you are so real! I feel like we have been friends for a long time even though I only know you through the blogs! I hope you can "Snap out of it" soon - I hate it when I get the blahs. This too shall pass! I am so down with the orange belt - check in on my blog later after I finally shower and get my orange on!!

  15. SWAK. :) I know you will shake it, but until then, we are all cheering you on...

    You look fab, btw. LOVE IT!

  16. That sucks that you're in a fug - you always look amazing in your pics! It will pass - soak up some sun if you can, I find that never fails making me feel better. It's a grey, cold, wet and windy day downunder - ugh.
    Your kiwi fan xx

  17. at least you look fab! those tights are amazing, I wish they were still available- I would be all over them.

    I've been in a funk I can't seem to snap out of the past few days too. I've been stubbornly blaming my allergies, but I'm starting to think there is more to it than that. The best thing u can do is just make yourself snap out of it by doing something fun, or something active- I know a good run tends to leave me in much higher spirits the rest of the day even when I wake up all doldrum-y and crabtastic.

  18. i am loving this outfit! i adore the top belted and the orange belt...it's so unexpected! looks perfect on you, too!

    i have been going through the same weird stuff i think. maybe i am just ready for some hot hot weather to make my brain function normal again. ha!

  19. well, I usually lurk on your site (first-time comment), but I actually feel like this fairly often (I have mild depression). I kept a lot of this bottled up for a long time and have only recently told people how I feel, and that's been a huge release. It's amazing how sharing your feelings with others who you trust often results in them trying to take a little bit of that burden off of you and trying to make your life a little easier if it's possible for them to do so. It's also helpful to know a lot of people experience similar types of feelings...to a different extent/intensity, etc. But still, those feelings can make you feel isolated, but you're definitely not alone.

    I really hope you feel better!

    And your outfit? Adorb, as always!

  20. Aw I hope you're feeling better! We're all entitled to these little funks and they definitely come in waves. I love hearing about how sweet your bf is! Now that my fiance and I live together, I tend to forget the little things hehe. Cheer up soon! xo

  21. Well that top is amazing! You look fab! And I totally understand, it's ok. I know you'll make up for it with your great style. I swear you have the cutest things.

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  22. amy, i don't know u, but i've been following ur blog for a while...i'm sorry to know you felt down...
    you are an extremely inspirational girl, sound very funny and bright, please keep these things in mind always.
    hope the affection of your readers can cheer u up a bit when things get tough...a virtual hug

  23. Just think, even when you feel uninspired yourself, your blog inspires your loyal followers. Hope you snap out of it soon, it's those damn hormones, they rule us!

  24. Aww, Amy, I am so sorry you're feeling bad. I have gone through that a lot this year and I know how crappy it feels. I wish I could hug you in your adorable bow blouse! I am in love with this outfit, and you look so marvelous. (I always try to type that with two l's- "marvellous." Doesn't that look better?) I think I might have to have that blouse in my life :)

  25. awwww, it's good to get it off your chest when you're feeling down and out. Sometimes just talking it through is enough. You look wonderful and your outfits are always inspiring.

  26. here is an lolcat to help cheer you up:

    part cat part dino.

  27. I've been tempted to sell my bronzed twig pencil skirt on JCA, but you've worn it so well here and in the past. I'm still keeping it and will be inspired by you when I wear it. ;-)

    I sometimes go through times when I don't want to do anything. I think we all need a break sometimes. Hope you feel better. ((hugs))

  28. i'm sorry to hear about what you're going through. when i'm feeling a little low, i go shop or eat something yummy :-). hope you get to cheering up! lots of hugs, friend!

  29. virtual hugs to you! oxox

  30. aaww, im sorry i missed this! i was a bit self-involved these days with a dodgy knee (mostly back to normal now though!) blahs are horrible so im sending you lots of good vibes, hope you feel better soon! xxx

    -the boots are around $100 including post from china! pretty sweet huh?

  31. LT - May has been pretty rough! Thanks for the well wishes!

    Peggy - Aww, thanks! I love the little community we have here! It's so wonderful!

    dinagideon - Awww, thanks!

    luci - Thanks for the well wishes! I think I'm definitely going to lay out in the sun... in a few weeks, haha! By the time I get off work these days, I'm too exhausted even to sunbathe. Sad, huh??

    Natalie - Awww, I hope you get out of your funk soon too! It's such a buzzkill. I've been going to some aerobics classes, which definitely helps! Mainly because I'm too busy concentrating on keeping up during class and on my aching legs after class to dwell on being bummed, haha!

    anna - Thanks! And if you want hot hot weather, come on down to Texas! We have plenty to go around, haha!

    klinn - Thank you so much for your sweet words! It really has helped, as silly as it is, to type out this post and cry it out with Boyfriend. I think a lot of it has to do with me not knowing how to deal with feeling like this -- I guess it then ends up overwhelming me like a huge wave of sad. Sigh. Thank you again for your thoughts!

    tres tippy - Aww, I'm sure your fiance is super sweet too! I can't wait for more wedding posts from you!

    KellyNicky - Thanks!

    silvia - Thanks so much, sweetie! The affection from all of my virtual blog pals has definitely helped me to feel less isolated and lonely! I swear that my readers are the best, and that includes you!

    Sue - Don't I know it, haha! Hormones, BAH!

    Maria - I think you need the bow blouse in your life too, teehehe! Thank you for the kind words! It's amazing that we have this nice community here to stand behind us!

    Pamela - It definitely was a huge release to write it out, even if I'm pretty vague, haha! Thank you for your sweet words, Pam!

    tastymoog - Hahaha, thanks! That actually made me LOL! And how did you know, the stegosaurus is my favorite dinosaur! And thanks also for your super sweet email!

    jcrewphd - Oooo, I love that skirt! If you're unsure about what to do with it, I suggest pairing it with white and navy! I just love that look! Well, obviously, haha!

    tam pham - It's crazy, but I haven't been feeling like shopping lately! AHHH! It alarms me!

    eek - Thanks!

    chloe - Aww, I hope that knee gets better! I'm already complaining about having sore legs from working out, so I have no idea how I'd handle a bad knee, haha! Not very well, I can assure you. And those boots sound great! I want to see you in them!

  32. Aw, okay first of all, I have to say, you look SPECTACULAR for someone that has recently been mopey. Seriously I love this outfit so much, you look so put together and sophisticated :)

    Secondly, so sorry to hear that your last couple have days have been kind of downers. I've been there, both with actual depression, and also with just minor dysthymic fits of me just being grumpy/unmotivated from time to time. I find the thing that helps resolve things the most is just talking about it; somehow getting it all out and having someone understanding to nod along with you manages to make me feel better and find a way to tackle things. I am supremely bad at communicating emotional-y details like this, but I've force myself to get better at it the last couple of years. It's great that your BF is around to be your outlet and is so caring and thoughtful. And if you ever need anyone else, I am here to email as well :)



  33. Uhh I love this outfit! The blue and yellow look great together and the patterned tights are so chic :)


  34. Oh man, that sounds really scary and stressful, Amy! I think you look very put together today.

  35. I'm late, but I've come to accept what you're feeling as a natural cycle of emotional life. Sometimes we need to have mental health days or periods to clear things out. And what's funny is it usually precedes a super happy surprise or turn in your life. You'll see ;-)

  36. Your outfit made my fav blogger post today! :)


  37. i think i have that belt...h&m right??