Thursday, May 6

feeling rather blah

I feel like I've been completely uninspired when it comes to dressing myself this week. It's like having one of those "WHY DO ALL OF MY CLOTHES SUCK" days... except it lasts all week. ARGH.

Actually, it's not really that all of my clothes suck. It's that all of the things I want to wear need to be ironed and you all know how I feel about ironing (for the uninitiated, I HATE IT). I also was running late this morning, so here's an older OOTD that I forgot to post... in all its unironed, wrinkly pants glory:

silk linen v-neck sweater, j.crew [x]
skimmer pants, j.crew [x]
snakeskin gladiator sandals, aldo [x-ish]
monocle necklace, gift
steggy necklace, handmade
duchess stone cocktail ring, j.crew [x-ish]

This week has been ridiculously busy, so I apologize if I've fallen behind on some of your lovely blogs! I'm catching up, I promise!


  1. Wrinkly pants glory, you and me, sister. :) LOL.

    I think you look so cute!

    BTW, you are the CHAMPION at reading blogs, I am lucky if I can comment on three blogs in one day, much less as many as you comment on! So BRAVO!

  2. LOL, I so feel the same way sometimes, ESPECIALLY when everything I pull out turns out to be all wrinkly and demands ironing. At that point when I'm in a rush to get out the door there is absolutely no way I'm going to iron so I either go out wrinkles and all or get grumpy and put on jeans and a shirt :)

    However, you look freaking cute even on one of your 'blah' days I must say. Love the dinosaur necklace layered on top of the monocle!! :)

  3. I am such a poor iron-er (is that a word?) that when I try to iron things, they seem to end up with more wrinkles than they started with. I compromise by using a steamer - I have one of those big ones in my bathroom, at the entrance to my closet. So much easier - but yes, I'm still lazy...

  4. I've had a case of the "I hate my clothes and don't have a thing to wear" blahs too. Lol. You still look adorable.

  5. I'm with Carol. My iron has a steaming option. I don't have time to iron, but steaming does the job so well. You just put some steam on the clothes and the wrinkles magically disappear! It's kind of fun!

  6. Such a cute necklace. I totally know what you mean. If I don't have on some print or pattern I feel blah..

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  7. I was just about to say (before reading Tien's post)steaming is the bst option. I hate ironing, but my Conair mini steamer does the best job!

  8. I think you look adorable! :)

    Before I was married I used to iron all of my outfits for work on Sunday evening and then hang them up so that they were ready for every morning of the week. If you can find a couple of hours each week to either steam or iron it will really make it easier on you in the long run, give you more choices, and put some fun back into getting dressed again. :)

  9. Amy!!! It is so neat reading through the blogs tonight and seeing your eyelet skirt on so many bloggers today! You are the trend setter!!

  10. Gah, I'm with you on the ironing thing- I HATE IT! Hate. The good news is you look just as cute in wrinkly pants as you do in a pristine dress ^^

  11. I hate ironing, too!!! things sometimes just sit if they need to get ironed and I've gone MONTHS w/o doing it and then realize the weather is no longer appropriate for said item! So, I hear ya!!!

    I think we all get in ruts where we can't find anything to wear in a closet full of clothes.

  12. Downy Wrinkle Release + a few minutes in the dryer = perfect.

    I haven't used an iron in yeeeeears, shhhhh!

    I hate those days where I feel uninspired/blah. We all have 'em. I have them. I feel immensely guilty when I do have them, but I have them. :D

  13. I am allergic to ironing (at least that is what I tell my husband). Don't you just love the skimmer pants? I picked up a pair on Friday and I am going back for more soon!

  14. This is how I feel about all of my clothes lately too! They all either need ironing or folding or washing or putting away. Ugh. I don't know how one week off resulted in several days worth of laundry.

  15. i go through the whole 'my clothes suck' phase about every few weeks...the cycle never ends!
    also...i hate ironing too but my solution for that is my boy...he is really good at it and it's never too late to train 'em ;)