Wednesday, June 9

neon zippers

Boy, getting back into blogging after being away for two weeks is kind of weird -- like how I always felt when I would pick up a pencil again at the beginning of fall semester after not using one all summer long.

Oh, college. Sometimes I feel like I miss it. Then I think about all the sleepless nights and make-me-want-to-yank-out-my-own-hair projects and that nostalgia ceases.

lace top, f21
beaded cami, gap
ringspun cardigan, j.crew
denim, joe's jeans
joley flats, j.crew
elephant necklace, f21

I like that random straggle of hair sticking up in the last photo, hahaha... I don't even know how that happened.


  1. Oh, I love that top! If I wasn't on a shopping ban, I'd be all over it! You look great, Amy!

  2. welcome back! that neon zipper on that top is such a cute detail, you look too cute. :)

  3. I've felt the same way. I wonder if I should consider going back to school, but then think of how I don't want to do all the reading and writing papers. That wouldn't be fun, lol.

    This outfit looks super comfy. I love how the neon zipper adds a nice shot of color to the other subdued tones.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!! And I do think you could totally rock a peep-toe wedge. You are creative with your outfits, I know you have something in your wardrobe. :)

  4. I love the neon zipper! I think it's very NOW :) I have been eyeballing that look since I saw a whole editorial featuring similar looks in this month's lucky :)

  5. Wow, that zipper is an amazing focal point for your outfit, it looks so cool :) And ahhh, love the elphant necklace! I am such a sucker for animal-anything when it comes to clothes :)

  6. lovely layers! that top is adorable!

  7. glad you are back!
    the blog world didn't feel the same without you :)
    oh and lace rules.

  8. Welcome back! Still loving how you put things together!

  9. Fantastic cami, love the neon zipper


  10. I am jealous that you get to wear really cute clothes every day of your life! Wearing scrubs all the time gets really old after a while... You look fabulous!

  11. Great top, you always look adorable!

    I really wish I had stuck in at Uni, I dropped out and it's been such a regret for me, the job world would have been so much easier for me.
    So stick in there and follow your dreams - oh how sickly am I today?
    But I mean it!

  12. Ooh I love the lace top! Super cute!!

  13. aaaah, the neon zip is so funky!

    btw lovely amy, after a lot of technical confusion, ive managed to make myself a dot com, could you pretty-please change my link (and let me know what you think of my new name?) x

  14. I am feeling much the same way after getting back from my vacay! I love the pop of neon in the zipper, too fun.

  15. i am in LOVE with that top but i have looked on and i can't find it. do you know any where else that i can buy it or one like it? please and thankyoooouu (: