Wednesday, January 19


This is going to be a quickquickquick post because I've got a pile of work to blaze through during lunch. Whew!

But first, I wanted to say that I'm impressed with the list of "fashion rules to break" you've all come up with! So far, we have:
  • mixing patterns
  • bright colors in the winter
  • wearing white after Labor Day (though does this reset with the new year?)
  • long skirts on short girls
  • one color from head to toe
  • tights/pantyhose with sandals
  • brown + black
  • navy + black
I already break some of these on a regular basis, and from the sounds of it, so do some of you, haha! But this is not necessarily a bad thing as long as it's done well. Do share some more fashion rules you'd like to break or see broken in the comments.

And now:

leaf dress, thrifted
orange cardigan, gap
tights, xhilaration
flats, urban outfitters
studded belt, j.crew
monocle necklace, gift
black stone ring, f21
silver rings, from australia

You can't tell from the photos, but I'm wearing another floofy skirt under the dress. This frock is absurdly short, so wearing it with opaque tights and something else is a must in order to make it at least halfway decent. I'm thinking that I should probably invest in a long slip that can come out from under the dress in order to add more length... while still looking nice. Any suggestions?


  1. The color of the cardigan is so pretty! I've always loved it. Can it just be Fall again btw? It's the best season!

  2. Oh, this might be one of my favorite outfits of yours! You look fantastic!

    I need to invest in some slips with lace hems or something too, for this same purpose.

  3. This might be one of my favorite outfits on you of all time. The b/w graphic print is very tasteful, and the orange (or really, anything in the orange-red category) is very, very flattering on you. And I'm proud to say that I've personally broken every single one of those fashion rules myself :)

  4. Love your jewelry, Amy. A monocle necklace is now on my wishlist. I'm hoping once I get one, I'll stop drooling over yours. I'm thinking of turning some of the shorter length dresses into tunics so I can at least enjoy some ot the cute styles.

  5. I *love* the colors in this outfit Amy! You look great. And your monocle necklace always makes me smile :) We should form a magnifying-glass-necklace club or something!

  6. I added another skirt under a Free People dress I have, and that helps. A friend of mine wears shorts underneath, just in case, but not really to add length. :/

  7. Cute outfit! Love the cardigan color. For added length, maybe Anthro's 'Foolproof Half Slip' that just went on sale would work?


  8. I always want to do the whole tights with strappy shoes, but I'm too afraid. I don't know. I guess it depends on the shoe.

    I love this printed dress that you thrifted. Everyone always says the Anthro half slip is a good thing to wear under a short dress. I sometimes layer with a longer tank dress underneath for more coverage.

  9. You look so girlie AmyK and I'm always a big fan of dresses with flats, it just takes all the seriousness away that heels can sometimes bring. The color of the sweater is beautiful and yes, autumn is where it's at!

  10. so pretty...and ha! i actually pulled my white jeans out of my closet this morning and asked that exact same question. i think it does reset after the new year:)

  11. You look so beautiful in this ensemble today! I love that cardigan...the color is A-MA-ZING! Love the print of the dress too..what a great find! You are too cute! =) Have a good day!

  12. This is really pretty! You always pick the perfect cardigan to compliment the dresses you wear! I've seen other bloggers do a slip with some lace or something on the bottom...maybe you could try that if you feel you need some extra length! (I don't think it looks to short thought, especially with the black tights)

  13. Georgous! I love the color of your cardi too, it's so pretty with the dress! I've been wanted a studded belt for awhile now, and I think you just pushed me over the edge - love it!

  14. I wore a Christmassy plaid shirt today, so here's to wearing "seasonal" colours out of season. Not that it's a hard and fast rule that you can only wear orange in the fall!

  15. This is perfection- I love the long cardigan with the simple dress. gorgeous!

  16. I like this. Just everything about it. Another winner!

  17. I tried looking for a slip awhile ago and had a really hard time. If you find one let me know.

    Honestly, the rule I laugh at the most is when people think they have to match their shoes with their purses. Makes me smile.

  18. So cute! hmm cant think of anything for a slip but a cheap F21 skirt but I don't think that is what you are looking for
    Amber's Notebook

  19. The one fashion rule i have been "taught" since I can remember is this: that the colour of your bag MUST match the colour of your shoes (as Fashion Therapist mentioned). I've broken this 'rule' so many times and i'm sure many in this blogging community have too.
    I think you look so cute in your outfit. I can't tell that you are wearing a skirt under the dress. The other option is that you can wear the dress as a top/tunic.

  20. Amy, I really love the orange-ish sweater with that dress. It relaly works well together. The necklace is such a cool conversation piece. LOVE!

  21. I wonder why those fashion rules were created at all. Those that created them in the industry are the ones who break them all the time, lol. And I've realized that I'm more inspired when I see a great outfit that doesn't follow those rules. Anyway, you look lovely in your ensemble! The dress is super cute :)

  22. Michelle -- Thanks for the tip! I love how that slip looks. I'm going to see if I can find it in stores this weekend! (I hate paying for shipping)

  23. Growing up, my grandma always insisted I wear a slip! I thought that was soo old school! Now, I regret not keeping them!

    Love the colours on you!

    p.s. I know it's a Mystery Project but trust me when I say this - you CAN commit to it!

    Stay Happy and Positive!