Monday, January 3


Happy 2011, everyone! Can you believe another decade has passed? I sure can't. I've missed you guys and am strangely relieved to be back here, blogging once more. It's like I was having separation anxiety, haha!

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays! Here's a quick recap of the festivities that went on here at ke.KE:

I finally finished my Christmas shopping and wrapping an astonishing week before Christmas! It was an awesome feeling, seeing the ridiculously packed parking lot at the mall and knowing that I would not have to be a part of that this year. Whew!

I got to see all my dearest friends and family during my Christmas Eve Eve party. I don't know how everyone would feel about my posting their pictures up here, so all you get is a random shot of the messy bar as evidence that this party actually took place.

On Christmas morning, I unceremoniously dragged Boyfriend out of bed so that we could open presents. Trust me. It had to be done.

Then, after the holidays, I spent the rest of my vacation looking like this:

Now you see why I decided to go on a short hiatus. After all, how many OOTDs can anyone take where the outfits always consist of that same Boston University hoodie with an assortment of pajama pants?

But now I'm back and out of my PJs -- at least, for work I am!

chambray shirt, gap
traversa cardigan, j.crew
fan eyelet skirt, j.crew
black tights, hue
allie flats, bcbg
skinny studded belt, j.crew
bangle, from china
cluster ring, j.crew

This outfit is actually from before the holidays, but I never got around to posting it. So here it is now! Which reminds me that I need to iron that chambray shirt so that I can wear it again...


  1. Omg, I was the same way during holidays!!! My uniform was leggings, tee, and long cardigan.!!

  2. Oh you look so CUTE in your outfit. Love the Chambray against rust and white eyelet lace, very very pretty! And LOL, I spent most of the holidays in my PJs too. I think it's a rule or something.

  3. I love all these colors together!!

  4. I knew I couldn't be the only person enjoying the holidays in my pajamas! I considered it a successful vacation from real life. Also, great outfit. I love the colors together.

  5. The chambray shirt with the textured mini is a genius combo - I may need to stea, er, borrow the idea!

    Happy 2011 to you and the grumpy-looking BF!

  6. Hey Amy - I love the color of your cardi with the chambray! Your tree is lovely!

  7. Happy new year, prettyface! Your tree and the presents wrapped under it look so beeeyoootiful!

  8. Happy 2011! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday - I hope santa was good to you :)

    Great color combination in your outfit and I love the ruffles in your skirt!

  9. I also love the color of that cardigan! It's great with the chambray top and white skirt. I never woulda thunk it. And I also spent a good deal of my holiday days in pjs and sweats.

    Your tree and presents are SO pretty!

  10. I bought the same shirt, sadly it did not look so great on i returned it:(

  11. Nice to see you back again! I love your colors in this outfit (as usual) Happy New Year!

  12. Glad you had such a wonderful break :) I too lived in the pj and yoga pants with my new WFU hoodie for the majority of 2 weeks... hehehe... great minds!

  13. I have been off since New Year's Eve and am wearing sweats only because I ate too much this holiday season.
    Oh, and stopped exercising in November.

    And everyone thought I was joking when I asked for gastric bypass surgery this Christmas....

  14. Happy New Year! Love this outfit and it's a great reminder of how versatile my chambray shirt is. It also reminds me of why I never wear it as much as I could: I hate ironing!

  15. Woohoo! I have that chambray shirt too- I have some alterations to do to fit me, but it has so many outfit potentials (and one more now, if I could only find the perfect rust cardigan...)

  16. The holidays had me on a bloggy hiatus too! But doesn't it feel wonderful to be back? Per usual, your outfit is DARLING. And I also had to drag my guy out of bed to open Christmas presents. Because, c'mon, they're PRESENTS! :)

  17. Happy new year Amy! I was in my daggiest of daggy during the holidays too. I didn't even brush my hair sometimes. Of course, i can't show anyone, im too embarrassed!
    Love the outfit you have on - the chambray looks heaps great with the white skirt.

  18. Happy New Year. Love your chambray shirt. I find that I wear mine more than I thought I would. Your tree looks so pretty.

  19. I also didn't shower for days during the Christmas break. Just kidding, but I swear I looked like that sometimes. When else can you sloth around but during the holidays?

    Like everyone else, I'm a huge fan of this chambray shirt and think it's very bold, yet totally awesome, that you paired it with a white skirt. Thumbs up!


  20. Happy New Year! Great outfit! Don't have any winter-white bottoms but can't wait for spring/summer so I can wear my chambray shirt with white capris! Love that shot of you dragging your BF out of bed! Love!

  21. You always do great color & texture combos. My stay put kick it top is a Santa Cruz chenille sweatshirt and, yup, rotate the pants. *lol*

    Happy New Year!