Wednesday, February 9


I think I scratched the roof of my mouth raw with cereal. Owwww... What do they put inside these chocolate Cheerios? Steel wool? Sandpaper? Razor blades?!

In non-pathetic-food-related-injury news, I officially have my very first Madewell purchase on its way to me right now -- it is loaded on a UPS truck and is scheduled to complete it's journey across 4 states by Friday. Want to take a peek at what is inside that box?

A beautiful bag! I have a big, squishy soft part in my heart for satchels and things that look like a briefcase Professor (Indiana) Jones would carry. And since I have no business carrying around an actual briefcase, bags in this style will have to do. I can't wait to see how it looks in person! If this bag disappoints, I'm going to look into my Beautiful Bag Runner Up:

Yes please.

Okay, enough with the handbag talk, especially since you never actually see me wearing any in my outfits anyways -- something which I should probably change.

The clothes!

silky diamond print dress, f21
long cardigan, gap [x-ish]
belt, j.crew
maroon tights + blue lace tights, hue + urban outfitters
kinnetic flats, steve madden
eiffel tower necklace, f21
duchess cocktail ring, j.crew
gold bangle, kate spade

You can see my little plush dolphin sneaking into that last photo there. I admit it, I'm in my 20s and I still have my collection of stuffed animals from when I was a wee lass. But whereas most people had bears and puppies, I had dolphins and whales. And they are awesome.


  1. Ahhh Rachel (Lea Michele) wore that dress in last night's glee :)

  2. My son always loved dolphins and whales too! Funny! I love your orange and teal and your handbag......swoon!! Super love. Can't wait till you get it to see what you think!

  3. ooh, cute bag.

    i have a pink domo-kun perched on my designer wine rack with our fancy portuguese douros... it's all very classy. :D

  4. You look great as usual. I love your mix of colors.

    Can't wait to see the new bag in action!

  5. I think I've said this before, but I LOVE your Eiffel tower necklace. I saw this ( in one of my favorite etsy seller's stores and it made me think of you! Oh, and Rachel was wearing that same dress on Glee last night...I knew it looked familiar but I couldn't think of where I'd seen it before. Now I realize I must have seen you wear it before :) Cute outfit as always!

  6. I love this color combination! Love it! You look fantastic.

    So I'm thinking you should come to Florida and visit SeaWorld. Yes. That's what I think.

  7. I like the scholar satchel,please let us know how this bag works!!I am also loving the leather roads messenger but afraid it will be a bit heavy..

    As for the fossil bag, saw that in store, pretty cute, but the non-leather strap is a huge turn-off for me!

  8. i love this bag! i've been keeping it in the back of my mind the past couple weeks. it's such a great bag and the price was amazing. i'm so commitment phobic about handbags, you wouldn't believe it ~ it's not like it's marriage or something. you have to let me know how you like it in person, i.e., quality, color, etc. btw, love the dress - the colors are beautiful on you! ~ susan

  9. I can't wait to see your new pretty bag!! I hope you start putting them in the your OOTD pics! You look so pretty and I love that necklace it is just the right touch of whimsical!

  10. Super cute as usual!
    I love that bag...I made my first Madewell purchase while in Ohio on business a few weeks ago. They have a store in Easton. I bought a blazer and sweater and swooned head over heels for both!

  11. That dress looks lovely!
    --Ciara :)

  12. I totally thought of you last night when I was watching Glee and they had this dress on! In fact, I may have exclaimed out loud, "Rachel is wearing Amy's dress!" :)

    Love your handbag picks! They are very reminiscent of the Mulberry-Alexa...super classic, urban and elegant :)

  13. What a cute outfit! I am wearing my Eiffel Tower necklace today as well! (and jeans and a beret from Paris..because I have to go overboard)

  14. The dress is adorable with the bows and I love the necklace. The color on the sweater works so well with the dress too.

  15. Orange and teal is one of my most favorite color combos, just happy, cheerful, and lovely. :)

    I always wanted a stuffed meerkat. Could never find any EXCEPT from the Lion King, and that wasn't really a meerkat.

    I guess that will always be a pipe dream of mine. LOL.

  16. I still have all of my stuffed animals at my mom's house (and a few with me at my house) and refuse to let her throw them away :)

  17. I love both of those bags! I like that they can be carried for work and play.

    Um, while I don't have any stuffed animals anymore, I would be lying if I said that everytime I squished a cute cuddly stuffed animal, a part of me wished I could buy it!

  18. LOVE this dress so much!! I also saw it on Glee last night and wanted to try to track it down. I hadn't noticed it before - it is too cute on you :)

  19. I was wondering where I saw that dress before, it was on you!

  20. I'm a huge fan of orange and teal...I wore a similar color combo the other day :) I also really like your handbag choices...I could totally see both working out perfectly for you!

  21. This is such a winning combination of colors - I LOVE IT! And both bags make me drool - super cute!

  22. I had dolphins and whales as stuffed animals too! Haha glad to know I'm not the only one.

  23. Agh! I just posted on a shopbop giveaway that if I won it I would buy one of the madewell bags. I like your style Amy K!

  24. I love satchels and Madewell. Great 1st purchase from the store. If only we had a store here in Chicago....

  25. Those colors are awesome together! Beautiful combination! :D

  26. eekkkk, I MUST have the necklace. I checked out F21 site, is it this one?
    And the colors are you're wearing today is like a burst of fall and spring. And your hair looks super lovely too. What shampoo and conditioner do you use? Have you done a post on how you style your hair yet? If you have, point me in the right direction.

  27. SO CUTE!!!!! The bag, the outfit...home runs all around. I am loving the teal/orange combo...they look great on you!

  28. That dress is F21?! Simply awesome. And hooray for your first Madewell piece; I've been addicted since I stumbled on a store near my old apt. And last weekend I discovered a new one was opening in the mall near my new house. Holla!

  29. hehehe...AMy, i'm in my LATE 20s and STILL go bananas for stuffed toys, Hello Kitty and Winnie the Pooh! Your little dolphin is quite tame compared to my collection :-)
    You look so cute in your outfit - i love that dress so much.
    Btw - the roof of my mouth gets scratched all the time too. Especially when i eat too many rice crackers..

  30. Oh I don't know, Amy, I kind of puffy heart both your bag choices - that grey leather on the Fossil one is puuuurrrtttyy ... your new F21 dress is adors - the color and fit on your is great. You always find the best pieces there - I only ever manage to get lost!

  31. These handbags are beautiful! Madewell is so friggin' awesome. And so are you in this teal dress :)

  32. E Hayes - Weird!! All of my OOTDs are from the previous day, so that means I wore it on the same night the episode aired, haha!

    Peggy - I'll post up reviews soon!! I'm getting it today, woohoooo! And dolphins and whales are AWESOME.

    tastymoog - Haha, it sounds classy! ;)

    eek - Thanks!

    Meghan - What an adorable necklace! And that's too weird about the dress being featured on Glee -- I don't watch the show, but it's awesome seeing some obtainable items being worked into charatcer wardrobes.

    Melissa - Hehe, I definitely want to! I've been the to Texas Sea World a few times, but I do want to scope out the Florida one!

    jessie - I definitely will post up a review as soon as it arrives! I hope it doesn't disappoint...

    littlemissfanciepants - Hahaha, I can understand the commitment phobia! I tend to analyze my bags a lot too before buying them because I know I'll be carrying them around every single day for months/years!

    triciathomas - I am going to try to remember to incorporate my bags into my OOTD -- I think I only stopped doing that because I tend to carry the same bag every day, haha!

    Eleanor - Oooo, I wish I could visit a store!!

    Ciara - Thanks!

    goldenmeans - Hahaha, that's too funny! And you're right -- the bags ARE very Mulberry-Alexa! Which was a bag I coveted until I saw the price on it. Sigh.

    ponchmor - Hahaha, I love it!

    Molly - Aww, thanks!

  33. dinagideon - Yay! I'm glad the color combo works! We should be orange and teal twins one day. And I can see how a stuffed meerkat would be hard to come by -- they are so stinkin' cute, though!

    Sara - Hahaha, I would be DEVASTATED if mine were thrown away!

    Pamela - I'm going to beam you a stuffed animal via telepathy! Everyone needs a cute, cuddly stuffed animal to squish.

    Carly - Aww, I tried looking for it on the F21 website when I wrote up this post and it wasn't there anymore. You can try your store, though!

    Andrea - Haha, too funny!

    Tara - Yay for orange and teal! Now we need to team up with Dina and be orange and teal triplets... hmmm...

    Jan Russell - Aww, thanks!

    Stephanie - Woo hoo! I seriously thought I was such a weird kid, haha!

    anotherfishinthesea - Yes! I'll definitely post up a review of it just in case you do win!

    Fashion Therapist - I wish we had a store here too... Someday...

    Rachel - Thanks!

    Lisa - Yup, that's the one! I got it as a gift from Boyfriend's sister and added a bracelet to it to make the chain longer. And thanks for the compliments! You just inflated my ego a little bit, haha! I use Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi shampoo and Detangler conditioner 6 days out of the week and use Head and Shoulders once a week. The combination works wonders on my hair! And I have done a post about my hair styling before, but on this day, all I did was sleep with a loose braid and curl up the ends the next morning. I hope that helps!

    Jenni - Aww, thanks!

    Rosemary - I wish I could visit a Madewell store! How is it?? And yes, I was surprised to find this dress at F21 too, haha!

    vintageglammz - Haha, that is amazing! And ugh, I'm simultaneously glad that I'm not the only one who gets scratched all the time and sad that we both have to endure these annoyances!

    Lisa - Yeah, I'm reeeeally hoping that the Madewell bag will be so awesome that I'll just forget about the Fossil one because otherwise, I might want both! NoOoOOoOo!!

    Sweet Laundry - Aww, thanks!

  34. aaw, that dress is adorable! and it looks great with the orange, very fresh and springy x

  35. Oh my goodness, those bags are gorgeous. Please post pictures when you get them!! I'm thinking about ordering one or the other myself.

  36. yay i heart madewell!!! and that bag is so perfect for you:)