Tuesday, April 26

back (in black) (naturally)

I'm baaaaaack! I spent the last week in Boston and had a great time -- even Boyfriend enjoyed himself. You see, Boyfriend was skeptical before we left.

"I don't know if I'll like Boston," he said. He mused that it may just be too cold and too unlike Houston for his tastes. Nevermind that going to somewhere completely unlike Houston is the entire point of taking a vacation.

You see, aside from a trip to Mexico when he was a wee lad, Boyfriend has never been on vacation outside of the Lone Star State. That is, until we went to Boston. The city must've charmed him a great deal because now he understands why people love to travel. Now he understands why people get excited when they book a flight and plan an itinerary. Now he's whole-heartedly on-board with my plan to whisk us away to Australia next year. Woohoo!

Here's a quick summary of all that we did on our trip:

We visited an old triceratops named Cliff --

We went shopping on Newbury street --

We went whale-watching for four hours... and saw nothing --

(aside from a few lighthouses, that is)

We ate a lot --

We explored the North End, along with several other great Boston neighborhoods --

Then, we flew home --

We were promptly greeted by a very grumpy goldfish who was peeved that he didn't get to come along. Apparently, merely having a friend come over to keep him fed and entertained wasn't enough for our finicky goldfish. This one wants to travel --

I was happy to be back in Houston's warm weather, though, after bundling up for Boston's 40-degree spring.

sightseer skirt, madewell
wide belt, calvin klein
wedges, ralph by ralph lauren
hat, modcloth
skull ring, ebay
stone ring, etsy


  1. Welcome back, girl! I'm glad you guys had fun in Boston - it is one of my BF's all-time fave cities!

  2. boston's cool spring weather sounds about perfect to me right now: currently 80 something degrees in philly and i'm hating it, ugh TOO HOT. :P

    glad your man got to see the museum of science! and it's cool that he is ready to explore other places now, too. :)

  3. Welcome back! Too bad Boston (and the rest of us in the NE) are still in a freeze. Looks like you had some sunny days though. I've only been to Boston a couple times, but I think it's an awesome city.

    Love the hat... you look adorable.

  4. You look adorable, and I have been dying to go to Boston! Love your photo tour! :)

  5. You look adorable!! I'm from Boston, so I am totally biased--AWESOME city!!! :) We went on a whale watching field trip every year and never saw a whale. LOL...and I hope you got a taste of some Italian pastries from Mike's in the North End!!! yummmmmmm...

  6. Welcome back, glad you and the bf had some fun on vacation. Even better that it got him on board for more trips.

    I love your outfit, it is so summery cute with the chambray skirt and that hat. You look so cute!!

  7. I really enjoy Boston and seeing the shot of you on the street totally took me back. I'd totally live there if it wasn't for the brutal winters. And apparently Spring isn't that warm either.

    Your outfit is just fab fab FABULOUS, the perfect thing for a hot day.

  8. oh yeah, forgot to add: I went on a couple whale watches in school and we NEVER saw any whales, either. do people actually see whales on those rides, I wonder. lol.

  9. tasty moog & Anne -- That's too funny, because I've been on 2 whale watches when I lived in Boston and saw quite a few whales and dolphins both times I went! Which is why I was so surprised that we didn't see ANYTHING this time around!

  10. Looks like a fun time was had! I love your Boston outfit, especially with the wind blowing in your hair :)

  11. Glad you are back sounds like a wonderful vacation!!!

  12. Aside from the fact that Boston sounded awesome, I must say that this is absolutely one of my most favorite outfit EVER on you! You look AMAZING!!!!!!!

  13. Looks like you two had an amazing time :)

  14. I was in Boston for a weekend a few years back and I absolutely loved it. And you look great btw - so relaxed and happy!

  15. All your hard work has paid off Amy...you.look.amazing!
    Glad you guys had a great time.
    My husband has never left the country while I am quite well traveled.
    Trying to get him to go somewhere outside the continental US is like pulling teeth.
    "But there's so much to see here!" he argues.
    I hope he enjoys the Grand Canyon.
    Just kidding.

    Welcome Back!

  16. Welcome back Amy! Gosh, you are so cute. Looks like you two had a fun trip! And i am glad your BF enjoyed it - you know that we Aussies welcome the two of you in our country any day :-)

  17. looks dreamy - I want to go! Love your fedora. And what shirt are you wearing in the dino pic? Looks so cute!

  18. you did!!!?? My brother's 4th grade class had a whale get too close and bump their ship...I sorta never believed them about that one. ha ha! I've seen whales when working as a deck hand...but never on a whale watching trip! They must not like me..lol

  19. woohoo! so glad you had a great time and that BF is as bitten with the travel bug as you are. There's nothing like an out-of-town adventure with your significant other!