Tuesday, May 3

future's so bright, I gotta wear shades

This past weekend I went to Anthropologie in order to take advantage of my 15% off birthday discount before May rolled in. I tried on quite a few lovely things, but had to resist hauling it all to the checkout.

You see, I too-recently splurged on some lovely shoes (which you'll see sooooon!) as a belated birthday gift to myself and could not have possibly afforded an Anthro splurge as well without resorting to selling a kidney or two. So, only two lovely things came home with me -- the top you're about to see and the Spring Shelter cardigan -- which, for the record, may just be the softest, most comfortablest (it's a word that now exists just to describe this item), oversized sweater in existence.

bright future top, anthropologie
cord skinnies, j.crew
sandals, target
necklace, aerie
ring, f21
leaf ring, from australia
bangle, kate spade

I sized up with this top because I wanted it to be ludicrously huge and billowy. It was already huge and billowy, mind you, but I wanted MOOOOORE.

It is incredibly comfortable, and sheer enough for any colored or patterned bra to shine through clearer than Las Vegas on a clear night. With a nude bra, though, you can't really tell that it's sheer, so I'd say it's safe to wear without a cami as long as you wear a bra that closely matches your skin tone.

I'm wearing it with just skinnies here, but it also looks great tucked into a maxi skirt (which I tried but decided that one maxi skirt ensemble this week is enough). I didn't try it with a pencil skirt yet, but I figure that there may be too much excess material, which we all know is a prime cause of the dreaded Butt Bumpies in form-fitted skirts.


  1. I can't wait to see these birthday shoes!! I went to Anthro last week and bought some sandals.

    This is a really fun looking top with the circles and stripes.

  2. LOL - your descriptions crack me up!

    I adore the polka dots on this shirt...I went to Anthro today but don't remember seeing this. May have to go back...

  3. Oh no! The butt bumpies are not my friend either. You look fantastic, making it hard to not go to the local anthro. I'm trying to resist so many things today and I'm finding it harder and harder to do so!

  4. What a cute top...I love the playfullness of it!

  5. Oh now that top is really cute. I'll bet it looks super cute w/maxis. Happy Birthday month!! :)

  6. Amy that top is way cute on you -- It's adorable and you look amazing!! Happy Birthday and enjoy your discount. Mine arrives next month. YAY!!

  7. You look so cute in this top! I LOVE the idea of pairing it with a maxi skirt...I picked up the same top when it went on sale so I'm taking mental notes! =)

  8. You're too cute Amy! I'm dying to see these shoes you splurged on...could they be Louboutins or Miu Mius I wonder??