Friday, June 17

pants optional

I don't know if you've noticed you guys, but I am way into long skirts and dresses this summer. One of my coworkers pointed out how I'm always swishing around the office in one floor-skimming number or another. To which I responded, "I guess sometimes I just can't be bothered to wear pants."

I mean, at 7 in the morning, can anyone really expect me to be coordinated enough to put each of my legs in the correct corresponding pant leg? Sometimes I can't even trust myself to not brush my teeth with face wash.

I got this fun printed number from Forever 21 last weekend. I'm a scant 5'2" and it reaches just a little beyond my toes, so make of that what you will. I'm wearing a size Small, though I'm usually a Small or Medium in F21's frocks, so sizing down is definitely recommended!

jacket, diane von furstenburg
sandals, mix no6
gold bangle, kate spade
lace necklace, gift
ring, f21

The weekend is finally here, which means that Boyfriend will undoubtedly attempt to persuade me that forking over $15 to watch Ryan Reynolds act like a poor man's Tony Stark who is wired out on youth and caffeine and the NEED for SPEED (am I getting my movies confused?) in The Green Lantern is a good idea.


  1. Bahahaha love the last line of this. Luckily so far I've just had my presence requested at Super 8 (which was excellent), and XMen is still on the wish list. I think fiance' has given up on Green Lantern after some baaaad reviews.

    Love your long skirt/dress looks! I want more maxi-length items in my closet so badly.

  2. I've been loving all your maxi dresses, and this one is no exception :) Also, that lace necklace is gorgeous! I know my boyfriend is going to make me see that one too (we saw the new X-Men last weekend), but I don't really mind. It's the least I can do when I make him take pictures of my clothes every morning!

  3. I love the earthy tones of your dress, it works nicely with that jacket!!!

    I think we have the same dress, mine has a different pattern and colors though. What's better than clothing to swish around in?? I love the flowiness of a maxi dress.

  4. Well then I definitely shouldn't buy that dress, because I'm not even 5 ft tall. Or short. Whatever.

    You look adorable as always! I love that dress on you!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  5. Gorgeous- you've totally made the maxi look your own!

    And I am continually in awe of your DVF blazer- what year is it from?

  6. You and I are the same height. And we're both Asian and blog - so much in common. ;) I love this dress on you and I have to say you definitely have found a way to rock maxis.

  7. Green Lantern isn't looking good, but let us know. I'm not buying RR as a lead. He's seems so much better at supporting roles. Anyway -- *you* are leading the maxi trend in your gear. I love all of your looks!

  8. That dress is such a fun exotic print!! I actually love RR but Blake annoys me- I have no idea why I just always think she seems so dingy in interviews! I guess she is the stereotypical blonde and I should not hold it against her!

  9. beautiful F21 dress, I'll check if they have similar tribal-like style.