Thursday, August 25

Purple Week, Day Four: Purple Thwarted

The end of Purple Week is nigh, and today's outfit is regrettably sedate. I was planning to wear some awesome aqua-hued pants with it so that there would be like an aqua + yellow + purple trifecta happening, but it turns out that I'm still a smidge too pudgy to fit into my aqua pants at the moment. Hmmmph. So boring ol' "accommodate those love handles" jeans it is.

top, f21
cami, j.crew
jeans, gap
sandals, lauren by ralph lauren

Move along now, not much to see here. I'm getting sleepy just looking at these pictures of my outfit. YAWN. But tune in tomorrow for my Friday send-off to Purple Week!

And now, your much more exciting purple outfits!

Jenn of Complex Cardigans is wearing my favorite yellow + purple color combination here. The skinny little belt, shorts, and zebra flats add some personality and fun to this ensemble, and I can just imagine wearing something similar when I'm out and about! Also, I'm fairly certain I need a cardigan in this exact shade now.


I've been following goldenmean's blog for quite some time, so I can personally vouch for the fact that she is always putting together really fun and girly outfits! I'm always in awe of how fun all of her outfits always look... She went all the way with her purple outfit, throwing in awesome purple wedges and purple hair. Love!


Tomorrow's the last installment of Purple Week, so if you have an outfit you'd like featured, send it in to me before 5 p.m. Friday at!


  1. I've been following your purple week all week :-)
    It's a pity i don't have enough of this colour in my closet! I must try yellow + purple one day...

  2. Love the yellow and purple too!

  3. Very cute - Your outfit is something I'd totally wear to go out (you know, if it wasn't a billion degrees outside!).

  4. Aw! Work has been crazy and I'm behind on all my favorite blogs!! Purple and yellow was an accidental favorite for me and I love how you made a whole reader's column on this!!! Rock on Amy Kelinda!!!!!

  5. I love how you have inspired weekly outfits, that is such a great idea & fun as well. I've been contemplating having an 'inspired' week myself but haven't yet come up with something as the theme. Keep up the great work!