Thursday, September 15

getting my mad men on. kind of.

Blogger has a new set-up and it's freaking me out, you guys. I DON'T LIKE CHANGE.

hold me.

Anyhoodle, since work has been kicking my tail this week so that all I want to do when I get home is avoid the computer like the plague, posting has been nigh impossible. Luckily, I finished my lunch a little early today so I can finally hunker down and update this sucker.

Remember all the hoopla that was surrounding the Mad Men collection at Banana Republic? Well, a few weekends ago, I went on over to my BR and snagged this fun little pencil skirt from the collection with an extra 30% off. Not bad!

shirt, j.crew
cardigan, j.crew
skirt, banana republic
belt, j.crew
shoes, steve madden
bangle, kate spade

Excuse the stomach pooch there. I was feeling especially bloated the day this picture was taken. I promise I didn't just buy the skirt in a too-small size. 

Also, excuse the box in the background. It was a remnant from the bar I told you all about in the last post. And the balloons, which are a remnant from Boyfriend's birthday bash. You know what, just excuse everything.


  1. LOVE this skirt on you, especially with the orange belt and gingham! :)

  2. K, so I have been having a supremely awful week, and just reading the first two lines of your post made me burst into peals of laughter.

  3. :) I love that pencil skirt! I've tried it on in stores, and now I'm just playing the waiting game for a good BR promotion. I know that the skirt is fully lined, but I thought it was a little itchy... thoughts on that?

  4. you wear pencil skirts SO WELL. i, however, cannot figure out how to don one and actually look GOOD. anyhow, great deal on the skirt!

  5. Love the turquoise nails and orange belt combo! And your adorable blanket!

  6. Sexy secretary!!! You look great in a pencil skirt and I love the texture of this one.

  7. Really love that skirt on you....that will be such agreat staple piece in your wardrobe for fall/winter! THe orange belt is an unexpected pop of fun it!

  8. you are gorgeous!!! Love that skirt on you. and your writing style/humor is as AWESOME as ur hair :D

  9. Sigh I wish Mad Men was coming back much sooner! I can't wait until March. :(

  10. i totes bought the same skirt last week! i walk past a banana on my way to and from work everyday, so it had been taunting me for awhile! anywho, it looks great with that belt!

    dash dot dotty

  11. Love that tweed! And paired with the gingham? So great!

  12. I really love the pencil skirt! And at 30% off, I guess its time for me to scan for some deals at Banana Republic! And I can't figure out which I adore more the nails or the gingham shirt!

  13. You look fantastic! That looks like a great tweed!

    I didn't like the new blogger layout and am sticking with the old...

  14. The skirt is so cute and looks great on you, the decorating in your apartment is pretty too, I love the bold red wall and all of your framed pictures

  15. Consider yourself excused, because you know what? We are just glad you are back! I love that skirt on you! It looks so cute with that pop of color from the belt too.

  16. Love the skirt! The orange belt is such a fabulous pop of color, too.

    And I agree with Tara...thanks for the chuckle!

  17. caffeinerd -- Aww, thanks girl!

    Tara B -- Oh, I'm so glad to hear that! :D

    Jane -- Yeah, I found the waistband a little itchy as well, but as I wore it, it wasn't itchy anymore? It wasn't itchy anywhere else, though.

    Michelle -- Aww, thanks! And don't worry, you'll get it! Have you tried it belted with a closed cardigan?

    Anon -- Thanks! My little cousin (who's not so little anymore) made that blanket for me a few years ago. :)

    fshnonmymind -- Haha, thanks!

    Jenni -- Who doesn't love an orange belt? ;)

    Anne -- Awww, thanks! I'm glad that you find me somewhat humorous, haha!

    Tabitha -- I admit that I've never watched it. I'm afraid I'll get sucked in....

    dotty -- Yay! We're skirt twins!

    Pamela -- Aww, thanks!

    Jenn -- Haha! The nails are "For Audrey" by China Glaze if you're interested!

    eek -- I think I'm going to switch back to the old one too... the new one freaks me out!

    Dana -- Thanks! That wall was actually empty for a long, long time before I decided to finally fill it with prints. :)

    modernmom -- Aww, thanks for the warm welcome!

    JewishGirlBlog -- You're welcome! ^^

  18. My fav ensemble! Love the way the belt pulled the outfit together [pun intended].