Tuesday, October 25

j.crew review -- the double-cloth townhouse trench

I ordered this a while ago because I just had to had to see it in person. But when it arrived, it was so hot outside that I couldn't even bring myself to put it on indoors because GOOD LORD I break out into a sweat just thinking about wearing it. So into the closet it went until the temperatures dipped down a bit last week...

...and then I could finally bring it out. Just to try it on. Because come on, guys, 70 degrees is cool enough to try this on, but not to actually wear it out. Ugh.

So I present to you, J.Crew's double-cloth townhouse trench!

Please excuse the weird outfit underneath it.

I got this in the "hthr majestic purple," which is more like a really royal blue in real life. In other words, awesome. But why it's called "majestic purple" instead of "majestic blue" is unknown to me.

I'm size 6 in dresses, 2-4 in tops, and 8 in bottoms. At 5'2", I'm definitely petite. Anyhoodle, the point of all of this is to say that I'm wearing a size 4P in this coat, which is what I typically take in J.Crew coats. But it's tight. The buttons were pulling and the arm holes were cutting off my circulation, even when I went sleeveless under it. I'd wager that trying to fit a sweater under there would be impossible. So if you're thinking about ordering this coat in a petite size, I'd recommend sizing up from what you usually get if you have previous experience with J.Crew coats, or just using your dress size as a guide.

Length-wise, this hit mid-thigh.

The double-cloth material is thick and incredibly warm. I could have definitely seen myself depending on this when I still lived in Boston and had to brave my fair share of dreary New England winters.

Also, shiny gold buttons! As for the inside, the entire coat is lined with a matching color (no fun lining here, folks). The belt cinches the coat in exactly at the waist, creating a lovely silhouette.

I ordered this coat again during the recent 25% off promotion in a bigger size, so hopefully that will solve the fit problems because the coat is incredible and I'd love to have it... as long as it fit correctly. If you're looking for a fun, colorful winter coat to add to your collection, I'd recommend this one!

PS. Pam, "captain's log" will come sometime later this week! ;)


  1. Ooooh! First time i've seen this is in "real life"! I'm contemplating the red-ish color (only because I already have an old double-breasted coat from Express in almost that same blue/purple!). Debated the mustard for my wedding as yellow is one of our colors, but forced myself to go faux fur for winter instead ha. Think I might finally give myself permission to get a pricier coat this season, though! Thanks for the review :)

  2. I just love a good coat! This one is exquisite. I love the color, anything in a deep hue is beautiful for Fall and Winter.

  3. That's a great looking coat! Color looks good with your hair.

  4. That is such a gorgeous shade of blue and the fit of the coat looks really great on you. Glad you found yourself a lovely new coat.

  5. I love the color of this coat...crossing my fingers that the other size works out for you!

  6. I had such a hard time deciding between this color and camel, but I kept the camel in the end...but i absolutely love this blue!!!

  7. Gorgeous, I just got my townhouse trench in this color today. I got it in my Jcrew dress size 4, and it fits perfectly, with just enough room for my heaviest sweater underneath.

  8. I discovered your blog the other day and read through EVERY POST in about 9 hours. LOVE IT. it's so great to see a petite but curvy fashion blogger out there with a great sense of humor... I'm short but curvy (4'10" and a size 2-6) so when I found your blog, I had to show my husband that there were "people like me"!! and they looked just as good as the tall/less curvy fashion bloggers... so thank you! :) you look fabulous... keep it up!