Friday, October 28

on a train bound for santa fe

Sometimes in the morning, I just can't be bothered with putting together an outfit. I mean, pants and a top? And shoes?! Ye ask for too much.

That's when dresses come in handy. As Dea mentioned before, dresses are great because it's one piece of clothing that basically makes up your entire outfit. What to wear on top? Decision already made with a dress. And for the bottom? Don't worry, a dress has you covered. I mean, dresses are so convenient that I'm almost convinced they were born on late night home shopping channels.

Dresses. I love them.

dress, anthropologie
flats, urban outfitters
belt, f21
gold bangle, kate spade
leaf ring, from australia
skull ring, ebay

Now we all know Halloween is coming up. What are all of you dressing up as? And how many of you will go into work in costume on Monday? I KNOW I WILL. As a Newsie. Maybe as the fancy-footed Jack Kelly himself. It's going to be awesome.


  1. Oh you broke out the reed dress again - I love that on you!
    I'm not dressing up this Halloween, but I may dress my poor pup up, bwahahaa!

  2. Oh my god, YES. Newsies is one of my all-time faves! Carry the banner, girl!

    Love the outfit. Dresses really are the best, aren't they? I actually wore my Reed shirt dress in blue yesterday!

  3. The fact that you are going as Jack Kelly may be the greatest halloween outfit EVER. Open those gates and seize the day!

  4. No costume for me because I don't work Monday! Today I'm kind of dressed in Halloweeny colors. I'll post the outfit this weekend. But even if I worked Monday, I couldn't get away with a costume. Bummer.

    I agree about dresses. They are so easy!

  5. You are cute as a pumkin!! I love how great this dress always looks on you. I was just eyeing mine the other day and need to break it out soon.
    I was also just thinking about whether or not I'd get dressed up this year, but me thinks Dr. Love has to be at the hospital so I'd be out of a hallow date....bahahahahah

  6. Oh I love that dress and feel a slight sense of pain everytime I see someone wear it! It was too short on me but I still keep thinking that it would work! You look beautiful and I hear ya on the dress, decisions, decisions sometimes they are too much work!

  7. I really like this dress on you, the colours are so pretty.