Thursday, November 10

a little piece of my heart

I had completely forgotten about this crazy shirt I found at Marshalls, but I was happy to discover it again while rooting through my closet. You see, my closet is meticulously organized by clothing type -- on one rack, I have plaid button-down shirts all grouped together, next to which are my solid button-down shirts, followed by my sweaters, and finally, cardigans organized according to length. On another rack, I have my blouses organized according to sleeve length, followed by jackets and blazers, which are grouped separately. I won't even get into my dresses and skirts.

But just because I have it organized that way doesn't mean it always stays that way. After a few too many rushed days, my closet gets a little... well, futzed. Things end up where they're not supposed to be, like this top, which I found jammed in the sweater section. Hmmm...

blouse, cynthia steffe
vest, bp for nordstrom
cords, j.crew
flats, steve madden
black stone ring, novica
leaf ring, from australia
rope bracelet, american eagle
bangle, kate spade

I don't even know why I told you guys that ultimately pointless story. I need a filtering system when it comes to the things I share. I always find myself telling a story where halfway through I'm realize "NO THIS STORY IS BORING, WHY AM I TELLING IT" but then it's too late because I already started so I have to finish telling the boring story even though no one cares about it. I live a Nick Swardson joke.

Also, it's been 3 days since I've started exercising and watching what I eat again and I've already lost a pound! I realize that it's probably just the natural fluctuation of my weight and not actually weight loss, but hey. Little victories. Only 9 more to go.



  1. I'm with you on the weight fluctuation thing. I've been checking my weight in the mornings and there's always a 1-3 lb. difference, depending on how much or how late I ate my dinner the night before. But then I feel stupid for claiming that number as my weight as I know it's going to get bigger throughout the day. Hmph. There is just no way around this, for me exercise is the only way. That and drinking more water. Good luck! Btw, this outfit is cute!

  2. That is a fabulous shirt. My clothes have a way of taking over my closet as well - don't you wish there was a closet elf that could put away your clothes neatly after you wore them?

  3. Great shirt! It reminds me of the colours in that gorgeous new anthro skirt- the one that's wool and hand-dyed and lovely and $300...

    I hear you on the closet woes- I stuffed a new sweater into my wardrobe last fall, still in the bag, and only found it this summer despite repeated 'clean-outs'!