Monday, January 16

the clark kent

A coworker mentioned to me a long time ago that I should name my outfits, but I never did get around to ever doing that. Until now. Boyfriend mentioned that I looked like Clark Kent ("in a good way!") in this outfit, and well, I can't disagree. So, I give you The Clark Kent.

How does Superman avoid VCL (Visible Costume Line)? Is the cape seamless? Maybe detachable? And what does he do with his Daily Planet reporter suit after he's done changing in the telephone booth? So many questions.

shirt, gap
pencil skirt, banana republic
mary jane heels, cole haan
knit tie, j.crew
belt, j.crew
ring, f21
watch, fossil
bangle, kate spade
tights, xhilaration
coat, j.crew




  1. This is so pretty and classic. I love the blouse!

  2. Ah! Major cuteness with the tie! I want to be able to pull that look off but I don't think i do menswear very well:(

  3. Great outfit & name. It's a chic classic look. I'm loving the red nails what color is that ?

  4. I love the tweed with the blue coat. Gorgeous. And red nails? Perfect. You go girl.

  5. so cute! you do have that Clark Kent look to you today! my husband and i just finished the first season of Smallville recently and now after seeing this post, i'm dying for season 2 even more ;) just one suggestion... don't do a Lex Luthor post. i love your hair! haha!

  6. Love the Clark Kent look today! I would never have thought to throw a tie on, but it works so well! And I love the military inspired coat, especially the color!

  7. mmm...nothing like a lady in a tie! Actually, a well-dressed man as well- lately the manfriend has started borrowing from my ties to wear with checked shirts and sweatervests. cute.

    This is beautifully classic, and so stunning with the bright cobalt coat! I want to hear some continuation of this outfit naming business!

  8. The color of the coat is so great!

  9. that coat is so gorgeous!!! and the tie is darling