Tuesday, January 3

granny prints and grampy sweaters

It feels good to back. *hugs blog* Hopefully the new design shows up properly for all of you. If you spot anything that looks weird (besides my awkward photos), let me know!

So here's 10 things that have happened since I disappeared from blogging back in late November...
  1. Went to NYC for a weekend for a friend's engagement party.

  2. Saw Alan Rickman.

  3. Came back to Houston, work work work.

  4. Got sick.

  5. Got better.

  6. Boyfriend got sick.

  7. Finally met my goal of losing 10 pounds.

  8. Threw a Christmas party where I cooked from 10am to 7:30 pm.

  9. Went to other Christmas/New Year parties where undoubtedly the host cooked from 10am to 7:30pm.

  10. Gained 10 pounds back.


Aren't the holidays just wonderful? I had a great time celebrating with friends and family, but I have to say that I'm relieved the festivities are over so that I can stop eating so much pie. Granted, I could simply not eat so much pie during the holidays too, but NO I CANNOT, YOU MUST BE JOKING IT'S PIE AND IT'S CHRISTMAS THEY BELONG TOGETHER.

Anywho, here's an outfit I wore while exploring Traders Village (aka the world's biggest garage sale) with Boyfriend this past weekend:


dress, f21
cardigan, target (merona)
tights, xhilaration
loafers, f21
belt, mom's
rings, novica + ebay
watch, fossil
bangle, kate spade




The cardigan is a recent purchase from the men's section of Target. It slowly became more and more loose throughout the day, but I think it's something a tumble in the dryer can fix.


  1. Aahhhhh!! I love Alan Rickman! I could listen to his voice forever...

    Good job losing 10 lbs (I need to get on that myself)...you can do it again!

  2. Hahahahaha, this post is full of amazing. Those cartoons--hysterical! Your dress--so pretty! So happy to see you back, yay yay yay yay yay.

    (Aaand I can't stop laughing at the cartoons. NEED MORE.)

  3. Happy New Year!

    Love this post. The cartoons are cute. You've had some fun while away. Is that a new art wall I see in the background? Where are my BS Boys? Did you retire them ?

  4. Happy 2012 and welcome back! Here's to another year of fabulous style :)

  5. Love the new layout! If it makes you feel better, you likely lost a lot of water weight while you were sick, so you shouldn't feel like you ACTUALLY gained 10 pounds during the holidays. (I decided to start tracking food again on Livestrong's My Plate and it's SO easy and kind of fascinating. Who knew there was SO MUCH SUGAR in fruit! Wahhhh now I am eating hard boiled egg whites as an afternoon snack...) ANYWAY. That is all. Glad you're back.

  6. Welcome back, girl!
    Oh Alan Rickman, he was fantastic in "Hitchhiker's Guide" as Marvin: This will all end in tears.
    Your wall of art has grown incredibly since your last post, good job!

  7. Welcome Back Kotter!
    All these bloggers visiting NYC and nary a meet up....tsk,tsk!

  8. Oh my goodness, I loved this post! You're too funny! Welcome back and loooove your gallery wall! Either you've added some fabulous stuff lately or I have been oblivious the past few months. Either way its FAB!

  9. I love the texture of that cardigan over the floral skirt. I love the animation of your holiday!

  10. Love the new header and blog design.

  11. Yay! Happy to see you. Super cute blog design, outfit, and cartoons! And I love your photo/picture wall!!

  12. violinista -- I know, right? He barely spoke after the show, but I suspect it's because he didn't want anyone in the crowd to swoon.

    Chloe -- Yay, I'm glad you think the post is "full of amazing"! I aim to please. And while I never stopped reading YOUR posts (I'm such a creeper), it's good to be back and commenting again!

    gigiofca -- Happy 2012 to you too, lady! And giiiiirl, don't worry, our BS Boys didn't go anywhere! They're still up and chilling... though this time on the closet door (much to Boyfriend's dismay, but whatevs). Sometimes I'll literally put on an outfit and turn to the poster and say "What do you think, Brian? Nick? How about you, AJ?" Kevin always seems to feel that my ensembles are so horrendous that he can't even make eye contact. Sigh.

    eek -- Yay, happy 2012 to you too, fellow Houstonian!

    LAPT -- Haha, that does make me feel a little better! Is the Livestrong thing better than LoseIt, do you think? That's what I'm using right now, though I admit that sometimes I don't update it at all because I'll go out to eat and be like, "Well, I have NO IDEA how many calories that was. Probably 345779."

    Lisa -- Thanks for the welcome! And augh, I love the Rickman. He's a marvelous actor, even as a robot. And wow for you noticing the newly expanded wall gallery! High five!

    Eleanor -- Good lord, so true. But it's probably better no blogger met up with me in person while I was in NYC -- I probably would've gotten you sick! It was alarming how much I was sneezing and coughing, haha! But SOMEDAY, when I'm back in the Northeast, blogger meetup for sure! ;)

    Allison -- I've definitely expanded the gallery wall since I've been away! Thanks for noticing, and HIGH FIVE for being so observant too, haha! And I'm glad you enjoyed my looney drawings -- sometimes I wonder if I'm actually as funny as I think I am in my head...

    Jenn -- Aww, thanks! I felt like I was mixing some very "old person" aesthetics that day, haha!

    Marie-Claire -- Thanks, lady!

    Pamela -- Yay, it's good to see you again, too! I mean, I totally stalked your blog while I wasn't posting, but you know, it's good to be commenting again. And hooray for noticing the picture wall! High five!