Thursday, January 12

let's bring back the sweater vest

I love a good sweater vest. Granted, I've now only owned two of them in my life, but I do enjoy those two. Er, well, I now only enjoy one of them because I accidentally shrunk the other in the dryer.


Decided to break out some colorful jeans too for some extra pep, and I did rather enjoy how festive my legs looked. It's strange because I have 3 pairs of colored jeans -- red, purple, and turquoise. But I can never get myself to wear the turquoise ones out of the house. They just always read too much like pajama bottoms, but I'm not sure why. I mean, why are red and purple jeans okay, but turquoise ones pajama-y?

shirt, j.crew
sweater vest, gap
jeans, zara
belt, mom's
loafers, f21
ring, novica




For those who are interested, my nail polish is OPI ("The Thrill of Brazil") with a swipe of Essie ("Mezmerise").

Also, do any of you ever get annoyed whenever something you order online comes shipped in a box that's way too big for it? I mean, what a waste of space and resources! The biggest offender of this used to be J.Crew in my experience, but Barnes & Noble took the cake recently. Check it out:



  1. love your house in the background:) and your outfit is darling too:)

  2. lol- that is too funny...those plastic bubbles are a pain!

    I LOVE your nails!

  3. Super-cute AmyK! I too felt a bit self-conscious about my green pants today, like they were too loud for everyone! I love how you paired them with the sweater vest, toned 'em down a bit. How did red pants become such a neutral- big fan.

  4. I'm intrigued about these turquoise jeans that look like PJ's! Well you look great in your red jeans anyways and can't believe the crazy packaging for a mere calendar!!!

    Also, the red wall with the fabulous pictures as the background is soooo gorgeous!

  5. love the nail polish and the red pants look great on you.

  6. I've been dying for a pair of bright pink jeans but holding off...I love your look today - you are too cute!

    I hear ya on the packaging. I didn't realize a calendar was so fragile ;)

  7. So true! Last week, I ordered some foot petals and Nordstrom's sent me this gigantic box that could have fit at least 200 of then (I only ordered 2)...crazy.

  8. whimsy -- Thanks! That wall took quite a while to put together, haha!

    M.R. -- I have to admit that I love popping those giant bubbles. I'm like a child.

    Dea -- I loved your green pants and think you look amazing in them! And I agree -- red as a neutral? That's something I can get behind.

    Bri -- Haha, I feel like maybe they only look like PJs to me, so maybe one day you'll see them on this blog. And seriously, an entire giant box for a calendar? It was such overkill!

    Huda -- Aww, thanks!

    eek -- Oooh, bright pink jeans would totally be just your thing! LOL at the fragile calendar!

    Sharon -- I think before, I would think that you're exaggerating, but now, I can totally see it happening.