Thursday, February 9

the easy does it

As I'm sitting here typing this, I'm also watching my goldfish out of the corner of my eye. Just a minute ago, he got stuck behind one of the rocks in his tank and I had to go over and coach him out of his predicament. (And by coaching, I mean flapping my arms around and screeching, "Barnaby! Get out of there!") He's not the brightest goldfish, you see, and the bigger he gets, the more unaware he is of what he can and cannot fit in/through. I'm convinced that if he ever gets to be humpback whale sized, I'd catch him trying to cram his head into a Pringles can.

But that's neither here nor there.

Today's outfit was an unphotographable disaster, so instead, here's a boring but less visually offensive ensemble from last week:

plaid shirt, j.crew
cardigan, f21
zipper jeans, j.crew
flats, f21
watch, fossil
ring, novica


I own a few plaid shirts, and every single one of them is from J.Crew. Weird.


  1. Probably because they make the bestest ones!

  2. I love this plaid shirt! And I absolutely have nail envy. Your nails are always adorable and interesting

  3. AHAHAHAHAHAHA, your goldfish story was aaammaaaaaazingly hilarious. Thanks for that :)
    Super-sweet outfit, and even if it's casual, it's done right!

  4. ALl of shirts are J Crew too, plaid or not. I love this easy look and your nails in different polishes are so cute..