Wednesday, March 14

the wrinkled theater patron

I went to see the Mythbusters live yesterday at Jones Hall for their Behind the Myths Tour. For those of you not in the cool kid know like me, Mythbusters is a show on the Discovery Channel. I have a strange addiction to watching it.

It's been a while since I had a random weekday date night with Boyfriend, so it was nice to get out and do something rather than just staying in and watching endless episodes of Friends. Though the latter is nice, too.

I must have tried on every single thing in my closet before deciding to just go with this skirt and a white shirt. Boring, but after "testing out" a bunch of ensembles for this event, I was just too tired to think anymore. I mean, I went through more wardrobe changes in the span of 30 minutes than a Jubilee! marathon.

The downside of this simple outfit? How insanely wrinkled my pencil skirt was after a car ride. Hence my completely unamused expression here:

shirt, gap
skirt, j.crew
pumps, steve madden
bag, rebecca minkoff

But I have no excuse for Boyfriend's expression here:


I don't know what makes his face so funny in that shot, but ohhhhh, it is.

I brought in my (flashless) Polaroid 220 camera too, which predictably garnered a few stares and murmurs of "What is that?" But for these pictures, it was all worth it.



The bottom I took after the show, when Boyfriend and I met Adam Savage (half of the Mythbusters duo). He was trapped behind a glass door (which explains the glare), but was nice enough to pose for a picture anyway. Plus, I got the back signed after someone eventually set him free. All in all, not a bad evening, despite the skirt wrinkles and high heel blisters.

Giveaway post tonight!


  1. LOVE this outfit! I can't even really see the wrinkles. Sometimes, unless you carry a steamer with you, they are impossible to avoid. It's a gorgeous color of plum/purple. I love your new hair cut too, so cute on you.

  2. This is a very classy looking outfit and your bag is fabulous!
    Love the new 'do.

  3. Oooh, cool pics. :D You look adorbs. I just tweeted a TED-ed video of an Adam Savage talk. He's fantastic.

  4. SUCH a chic look on you---love the purple skirt/ + b&w! And the new hair is great :-D

  5. I still can't get over the fabulousness of your hair!

  6. A great shot of your new hair. Rockin' it!!!

    We watch Mythbusters, too. Well, sometimes I fall asleep. lol

  7. I'm so jealous - I absolutely love Mythbusters! And you and your bf looked adorable - you guys have the office chic thing going on.