Thursday, August 27

maybe sparrow

I read in an article that wearing bright colors on gloomy days unconsciously lifts the spirits of those around you. If that's true, I'm doing everyone a favor in these dreary, rainy Houston days that herald in the year's hurricane season.

Ugh. Hurricane season.

J.Crew slub cotton wrap-front tank in grey
GAP quarter-sleeve cardigan in lemon yellow
Earnest Sewn black skinny jeans
Steve Madden Pasion flats in black
J.Crew cluster ring
Forever 21 Songbird Pendant Necklace II

First, please ignore the peep of my lime green bra. I didn't realize how unlady-like I was until after I had this uploaded.

Second, isn't this little bird necklace the cutest? I found out after I bought it that Forever 21 actually ripped the design off from Modcloth (which I also frequent, ironically). Given that F21 basically makes its killing knocking off the designs of others, I wasn't too surprised, but Modcloth seemed an unlikely source of "inspiration," especially since the original necklace wasn't pricey anyway.

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