Wednesday, August 26

monocles, anyone?

Meh, today was one of those days where my hair decided that no amount of flat ironing, fist shaking, or expletive shouting (which is really not that profane, seeing as how my favorite words to yell are 'FOODLE!' and 'BLIMEY!') would tame it. Ah well. Anyway, here's my inaugural outfit of the day!

Marc Jacobs silk and cotton blouse
J.Crew ringspun cotton cardigan in navy
DVB skinny jeans (yes, I have Ms. Beckham's denim... they fit with minimal hemming!)
Forever 21 white flower ring
J.Crew gold faceted bangle
J.Crew patent Jolie flats in stone
Monocle necklace from a friend

(Yes, that is a Backstreet Boys poster behind my head. In my world, it's always 1999.)

The monocle was a gag gift from a friend of mine. I once told her that I wished I could be as dapper as Mr. Peanut, the mascot for Planters. Here he is for the uninitiated:

The shiny black shoes with spats! The top hat! The shapely yellow shell! I could go on and on here, folks. Well, mon amie decided to give me a lovely monocle so that I may begin my sartorial transformation into Monsieur Peanut. Now to figure out where I can acquire a top hat and cane...

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