Wednesday, September 2

fatty mcfatfat

Talk about hard, photographic reality. I knew I had packed on a few extra pounds since last year, but WOWEE I had not realized how puffy I've become. Good thing I started going to the gym again last week! Looks like I'll have to throw some dieting into the mix too, which UGH I'm not looking forward to. You see, I'm Chinese, and we Chinese people love our food. Also, my folks are in the restaurant business, so I grew up around kitchens and markets and delicious homecooked meals. Obviously, "diet" was not a word used often around these parts.

Moving on, today's outfit of the day is what sparked this much-needed revelation:

Theory striped button-up
Lacoste cardigan
Earnest Sewn black skinny jeans
Target Mossimo sandals
Ross find skull scarf (the "tie")
Handmade bead bracelets

I just got my J.Crew Fan Eyelet Mini from final sale last week, and it's super cute! I'll wearit and post pictures tomorrow.


  1. oh please, like you are fat. i know what you mean though...we do love our food :)

    p.s. your outfit is adorable! i may need to copy that someday

  2. Aw, you look lovely. Not at all fatty mcfatfat. Although, I'm constantly looking for nicknames for my tubby kitty and I think I'll start using this one on her! Love the tie! :)

  3. sharon - thanks! and well, I picked the most fat-friendly of pictures. haha...

    rosemary - thanks, haha! hello fatty mcfatfat kitty!