Monday, September 28

hammock time?

Today was another one of those days: I was semi-conscious for the entire 8 hours I spent behind my desk. And I wasn't the only one. One of my coworkers rapped her desk impatiently with her neon pink-manicured fingernails. Another's chair kept squeaking as she leaned back, leaned forward, crossed her legs, and uncrossed them. It didn't help that the air conditioning broke. The entire 5th floor felt like a sauna, except no one was allowed to be naked. (Which is probably for the best, really.)

To battle my own fatigue, I assaulted a friend with "PLEASE LET IT BE 5:00 OH MY GOD HOW IS IT ONLY 3 I FEEL LIKE IT'S BEEN 3 FOR THE PAST 6 HOURS" emails. I'm sure he loves it.

Nah, he probably doesn't.

J.Crew Perfect Fit V-neck shirt
Joe's Jeans in Provaocateur cut
Target Mossimo sandals
Forever 21 necklace

I got this necklace after the ever-fashionable Kim over at Anthroholic posted about its resemblance to Anthropologie's Stormy Sea necklace:

I had coveted the Anthro version since I first laid eyes on its sea foam glory a few weeks back, but couldn't bear to part with the cash it demanded. I don't remember the price anymore, but it was steep. For me, at least. The F21 version is definitely just that - a version, not an exact copy - but it more than satisfies my lust for huge, teardrop-shaped jewels.


  1. I love this necklace, and it looks great on you! I like how you put with the casual tee and jeans...adds something extra to your look! love it!

  2. That's a supper cute neckless! I would totally rock something like that!
    And boy, do I ever have those "is this day over yet!!!!" days. Especially when I have to work those 12hr shifts!
    I hope the AC gets fixed by tomorrow, and that you have a better day (without having to take all your clothes off :-) )

  3. Sea Foam is my favorite color and I also love that Anthropologie necklace! I kept seeing it but like you didn't want to spend the $$ on it. I really like the F21 version.

  4. I secretly want your job since you get to go much more casual than I do.

  5. Amy,i totally feel your pain.Seems like every day last week at work was like your day today lol. Love your outfit. That gray and green look so great together. I have a turquoise necklace that I have NEVER, EVER worn. I am going to pair it with my jcrew gray tee and see how it turns out. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. i had those days. i love the bib necklace.

  7. The necklace looks so great on you. Big thumbs up :-)

  8. omigosh i knew exactly which anthro necklace you were talking about! how crazy similar it is to the original...i think you made the right decision :)

  9. I like how you paired the necklace with that outfit, so cute!

  10. I just bought that same necklacke, too! Great minds think alike. I like that color on you. Sometimes I feel like the clock gets stuck at 3pm at my office, too. It's those last few hours that just DRAG by!!! UGH! and no a/c!?! not good!

  11. OneFashionistaDiva - Thanks! The necklace was just so bold that I figured it alone would be enough for the ol' tee-and-jeans get-up.

    Tatiana - 12 hour shift?! Yuck! I only did those when I worked in restaurants, I can't imagine still doing them! You're made of tougher stuff than me, haha!

    Summerilla - Sea foam is a gorgeous color, and I'm a little bummed that the F21 version is more jade than sea foam. Oh well!

    Sarah - Haha, it is nice that my job basically lets me wear whatever I want!

    Patina - Haha, every day of the week indeed! Do a post on that outfit, I want to see!

    Savvy Gal - It's adorable, haha!

    Gigiofca - Thanks!

    Sharon - I think so too! I just know that as lovely as the Anthro version is, it wouldn't get much wear. It's just too memorable!

    Stylestance - Thanks!

    Pamela - Ah, great minds do think alike! And OH MAN, I hope today doesn't drag on and on. Good luck to all of us!

  12. F21 is such a bargaintastic place to get fabulous statement jewelry. You look adorable!

  13. omg that looks just like the anthro necklace!! (and I couldn't bring myself to pay their asking price, either!).

  14. gorrrgeous necklace! i need to get a big statement necklace

  15. Love the outfit, I got the same necklace from F21, so worth it!

  16. Soooo cute! I have the J.Crew tee as well and I love it! It's so nice and casual without being frumpy. And I too had the hammock time woes at the office yesterday, only my work BFF was out so I had no one to send emails to. Boo!

  17. Your outfit is so cute. I love the necklace and the T. :)

    I had one of those days at work, too. I feel your pain!

  18. Embers - Thanks!

    Kristin - I agree! I love shopping their jewelry section!

    Tastymoog - Isn't it? And with the Anthro necklace, it was like, "I love it, but I don't love it for that price."

    CharmaineLi - They definitely do something to jazz up any ol' outfit!

    Pakcola - My thoughts exactly!

    Rosemary - I love the J.Crew tee for the reasons you stated and that it is the PERFECT length too! And boo on hammock woes and MIA work friends!

    Stephanie - We need Friday to come sooner, huh? Haha!

  19. Wow, they do have an uncanny resemblance, but personally I prefer your F21 necklace to the Anthro (though I LOVE the store). The colors are great on u! I'm loving the bib necklace trend;)