Sunday, September 13

rain rain go away

I'm tired of the dreary days, filthy rainy puddles, and damp feet. Not to mention that my joints get achy whenever it rains. Move on to another location, storm clouds! Houston has been inundated with your presence for long enough.

This was my OOTD from yesterday, which I forgot to post:

Target xhilaration tank
J.Crew ringspun cotton cardigan
DVB skinny jeans
BCBG jelly flats
Lucky locket + handmade necklace

I really love dinosaurs, and stegosauruses are one of my favorites. I made this guy, "Steggy," a few years ago out of modeling clay. He's been polished, so he's shiny, durable, and a great funky necklace now!


  1. oh my gosh, that necklace is too cute for words! in general, such an adorable outfit :)

  2. You're necklace is adorable! I love the outfit, especially that tank! I have to ask-is that a recent purchase? I don't want to sound like a copy cat, but I will---I want one, too! It looks very Ikat print inspired.

  3. Goldenmeans - Thanks!

    Pamela - It is very ikat inspired, isn't it? I got it maybe a month and a half ago. You might want to check out Target anyway, you never know what they'll have!

    Only - Thanks!

  4. Um...I am sort of obsessed with that tank!

  5. Sarah, Tastymoog - Thanks!

    Sharon - I did not, actually. It's a big plastic bow pin that I stole off of my sister's old toy, haha!

  6. I love love love Steggy! He looks awesome with the red bow necklace.

  7. I love the tank, too. Very cute :-)