Tuesday, September 22

the sun checked out early today

The day started off with rain. Lots of rain. Sheets of it, dense as fog at some points and making everything all silvery and gray. Sand-colored cars became non-existent cars as far as my retinas were concerned; that is, until the two bright beams of their headlights lurched into view of my side mirror. Scary.

J.Crew Collection Daisy Eyelet blouse
J.Crew corsage cardigan
J.Crew double-serge pencil skirt
Hue black tights
BCBG Allie flats
Calvin Klein belt
Target ring

a closer look at the Daisy blouse

is this really called the corsage cardigan? I couldn't find it online.

I threw on a bright green David Lawrence trench-like coat I got in Australia to shield my clothes from the rain. It did its job well, except that my legs and feet still got soaked. Grrr...

I had wanted the Daisy blouse since I saw it tempting me with its citron eyelet goodness in the spring catalog, but couldn't bear parting with the $100+ J.Crew demanded for it. I found it last week on eBay for $40, but got it for $30 with the "make an offer" option. YES! This calls for a virtual fist pump! -pumps fist- HEY-YO!

Okay, I didn't really pump my fist because my arms feel like Jell-O after my workout today. Seriously. Just typing this entry was hard. Am I the only person on the planet who can't do more than 2 push-ups?


  1. That's such an adorable outfit! I love it! It rained a lot here today too, and I almost got soaked too. Thank God for my awesome big umbrella! And no, you're not the only one who can only do 2 pushups; I'm right there with you girl!

  2. Another cute outfit. I love the color combo.

  3. I'm right there with you on the push ups! Little to no arm strength. The only upper body exercise I enjoy is carry several shopping bags full of goodies. Those bags can get HEAVY!
    I love that citron color myself. That cardigan is very cute on. And that trench is to die for. Love the color. I am looking for a new trench this fall and you've inspired me to go for color! My current one is dark and while it's practical, your green one is a show stopper!

  4. <33 The cardi with the eyelit is so adorable! I love texture!

  5. But at least the rain has brought cooler weather!

    Love the cardigan!

    I can't do more than 5 push-ups! It took me a long time to build up to that too! I'm lame.

  6. i like the green trench coat! i need one for the rain also but have yet to find the perfect one.

  7. Eek! How scary to see those headlights pop out of nowhere! I've got to second gigofca; the yellow/black color combo is super fab. I feel you on those push ups--I've never been able to do a "real" one. I wimp out and do those "girly" ones where your knees are on the ground.

  8. you look gorgeous!!! i love your cardigan. i saw it and instanlty fell in love. i am hoping that is goes on sale soon. you entire outfit is fantastic. i also love the color combination.

  9. I love the green trench! Seriously I'm loving it, it's so fabulous! I also confess that green is my favorite color too!

  10. Tatiana - I need a bigger umbrella, haha! And I'd high five you for being as top-weak as me, but I can't lift my arms at the moment. Sigh.

    Gigiofca - Thanks!

    Pamela - I agree that shopping should count as upper-body exercise! And the green coat was a spontaneous purchase - I saw it in the store through the window and went in and bought it. I still don't know if it was a good decision, but it's mine now!

    Only the Good Stuff - The eyelet is amazing, and the cardigan is sooo soft. I wonder what the "official" name for it is, though?

    Sarah - It definitely is cooler, which I love. I felt it this morning when I stepped outside. Could this mean that fall is finally on the way, or is Houston just toying with us again?

    Tres Tippy - Mine isn't actually a rain coat, but I use it as such, haha!

    Rosemary - I can't even do girly ones. Seriously. And I always scream "PHANTOM CAR!" in my head when I see those headlights suddenly appear!

    Patina - Aww, thanks! I hope it goes on sale too so I can get that cardigan in some other colors.

    Summerilla - A good green shade is fantastic! I love the true "kelly" greens. Do you have a preference?

  11. Nice color combo, and that trench is amazing!

  12. I love the eyelet top and the color is pretty on you! The look is perfect!

  13. ok, I LOVE the way that you paired the eyelet top with the cardi! This cardi is so cute on you, that I went to Jcrew today to see it! I didn't buy it yet, but you have given me some inspiration!

  14. Tastymoog, NoJCrewinJapan - Thanks!

    Sharon - You think so? I still have doubts about whether I should have gotten it!

    OneFashionistaDiva - Thanks! I feel so flattered, hehe!