Sunday, October 25

the j.crew lexi satchel

Sorry for the delay - camera malfunctions and then life in general got in the way of my promised "review" of the J.Crew Lexi Satchel I ordered during the "Private 20% off" event some days ago. So, without further ado, I give you the Lexi Satchel:

It's a pretty bag to be sure, and the "shadow" color I got it in is a nice deep gray. I can see it pairing well with nearly anything. The leather felt nice, and I didn't see any imperfections, but then again, I'm not a handbag expert by any means.

The front flap is held in place with hidden magnets. The straps are there just for show:

It has a pretty slouchy shape, which I didn't like too much because I liked it better in that stiff rectangular form. You can see the slouchiness from the back view:

It had a super roomy interior with a main zip pocket and some compartments for cell phonesm chapstick, etc:

And my favorite part of the bag? It's gotta be the tassels:

You can see the size ratio between bag and human (haha) here:

As lovely as this bag was, though, I ended up returning it today because my Kooba Jacinda arrived and was the crowd favorite. I even took votes because I can't be trusted to make up my mind on my own!


  1. Aww this bag is gorgeous but I bet you'll love the Kooba Jacinda even more. I'll add (to make you feel better about your decision) I have the small flap bag from last year that looks similar (same tassels, color, and leather) and because it's that hard leather it scratches so easily. There are just tons of marks all over mine and I've never really used it.

  2. Cute bag, but oh- the Jacinda! You made the right choice. :D

  3. The Lexi looks good. Thanks for posting irl pics :-)

  4. Lexi satchel's a cute bag but I'm sure the Kooba Jacinda looks cuter. I wanna see pictures if you have one. I think JC bags are over priced...I only wait for one to go on sale. :-) I've been looking at online stuff and I can't believe how things are selling out and wait listed so fast. Gotta be the M.O. influence...arrgh...

  5. The bag looks nice but I'm glad you chose the Kooba!

  6. Thanks for showing the bag, it really is so pretty!

  7. Adorable pix! Any chance of look books done oldschool/POTD style? :)

  8. Summerilla - Aww, that's too bad about the other bag you got! Come on, J.Crew, get it together with quality here!

    Chloe - I sure did! I love it!

    Gigi - No problem!

    JCMama - I agree about JC bags being overpriced. The M.O. influence definitely is making sales items harder to come by, but I hope it influences JC to design some better stuff / focus on offering quality items!

    tres tippy - Me too!

    Kathy - You're welcome!

    Rosemary - Haha, I wouldn't know the first thing about putting together a look book, although the idea is intriguing!