Wednesday, October 7

mosquitos, take note: I am not your friend

I will not like them when it rains.
I will not like them on sunny days.
I will not like them here or there.
I will not like them anywhere.
I will not like these moquitos, man.
I do not like them, Sam-I-am.

I got bitten about six times by the pesky buggers. Six times! And all of this happened in the three minutes it took to say goodbye to my friend as I prepared to leave Austin last weekend. Now my legs are mottled with itchy, dime-sized red spots. Grrr...

I got my order of red and mustard tights from American Apparel, and I am LOVING them. They feel GLORIOUS on. The red is really red, and I plan to wear those this Saturday so you lovely readers can see just how red we're talkin' here. I'm wearing the mustards today, which are more muted than I thought they'd be. They fit really well, are super stretchy and thick, and feel absolutely soft and silky. I'm considering ordering some in every color!

Ann Taylor Loft scoopneck dress
American Apparel tights in mustard
Steve Madden pumps
F21 Songbird necklace
Calvin Klein belt

I found this Ann Taylor Loft knit dress on clearance a few weeks ago. The grey version is still selling for full price. And there are pockets!

I changed some accessories for a dinner date with a friend. Thai food = YES. The heels have been swapped for my good ol' BCBG flats, and the bird necklace for another F21 find.


  1. Cute dress. I love it it w/the tights. Is that the Anthro necklace or the F21 version?

  2. Cute mustard yellow pair!
    LOL on your note to the blood-suckers...

  3. oh you look adorable. i love the unexpected punch of color that you always add to your outfits. have you noticed that i've been doing it lately??? thanks for inspiring me to think outside of the box.

  4. woo wooo, rock those yellow tights!
    I have 3 pairs from Hue, and they are all different names (but pretty much the same color): flax, sunflower, and dijon! I think this season's version is yet another name.

    Looking forward to seeing the red tights!

    mmm, thai food... YUM.

  5. yay for thai food! (ok i'm biased bc i am thai...) anyway, love the tights! i hate mosquitoes too and our new place is full of them :( luckily it is getting cold so they will all perish, hopefully. (wow that sounded really mean lol). anyway hope you're having a good day!!

  6. I feel ya on the skeeters -- the mudpits at ACL only made matters worse. Yuck. On a happier note, I am in love with the tights. Looks like I'll be stopping by AA on my lunch break today :)

  7. Mosquitos THE WORST! NYC apartments don't come with screens on the windows we often have a ton of those blood suckers eating us away at night.

    Love the outfit. I've never looked at American Apparels tights but I plan on doing it now! And of course love the anthro inspired F21 necklace!

  8. Gigiofca - It's the F21 version of the Anthro necklace.

    LenoreNevermore - Thanks! And I love your username!

    Patina - Thanks! I have noticed that you've been adding some color touches to your outfits, like the yellow belt in your last post. I'm loving it!

    Tastymoog - That's so strange that they re-release essentially the same color but under different names, haha! I like the name "dijon." Maybe because it really makes you think of a mustard color...

    Tres Tippy - Mmm, Thai food is yay indeed! I literally LOL-ed at your "they will all perish" comment, haha! That's awful that your place is full of them. Have you tried citronella candles? I heard that's supposed to work, but I don't know...

    Michelle - AND the consecutive days of rain probably brought out those skeeters too! Ick! Hope your AA trip goes well! Do they carry the tights in stores? Because if so, I'm getting more!

    Summerilla - No screens?! Nighttime attacks?! ACK! I'd go insane! I looove the AA tights, so you should definitely check them out! I haven't washed them yet, though, so I'll do another post on how they hold up after washing, which is very important to tights lovers like us!

  9. You just inspired my to look at tights. This is huge.

  10. I bought BRIGHT blue tights. I'm scared to wear them. Please help.

  11. That F21 necklace is so farcking fabulous! Diggin' the tights too. I loved Kate Spade's campaign this year with all the brightly colored hosiery!

  12. sarah - I'm glad I could be such an influence! Hopefully, you embrace the tights, even if it is still a searing 88 degrees over here!

    Martinis or Diaper Genies - Are they a bright royal blue? Teal? Well, whatever the hue, if you want to wear 'em without feeling too outrageous, I'd wear them with an all black or all grey dress. Or just a skirt in those colors!

    Kristin - Seeing Kate Spade's red tights is what inspired me to get red ones, haha! I love their campaign too!

  13. love the birdie! Very cute outfit!

  14. cute! i wish i could pull off yellow tights like you... and i also hate mosquitos, sooo annoying!

  15. Missmasala - Thanks!

    CharmaineLi - I'm very sure you can, actually! You're edgy enough to pull it off 100x better than me, haha!

    Daily Lily - Thanks!

  16. LOL, I bought some yellow tights forever ago to go with a black dress. But then, I never got around to the pairing because I worried I'd look like a bird. But you are ROCKING it! I may have to put my avian fears to rest and give it another go. Mosquitos bites are the worst! But your little poem made me laugh. And nod in complete agreement. :)