Monday, October 12


I have to admit that I love stripes. Which is a bit strange, seeing as how I don't own too many striped things. Hmmm. I'll need to work on this.

Cotton On cami
GAP striped shirt
J.Crew "bouquet" cardigan
Earnest Sewn skinnies
Steve Madden Pasion flats
Target Xhilaration watch
Lucky Brand earrings

I used to work at a bakery while I was still in college, and one afternoon a customer came in with her brown hair swept back to reveal these peace sign pretties. I asked her where she got her earrings from, she told me, and I promptly went to get a pair for myself that weekend. I'm pretty sure I wore them tucked beneath my sloppy french braid and uniform-required baseball cap too. Who says you can't sport fabulous earrings while donning an apron and portioning pie dough?

On another note, is it just me, or do my ears look kind of pointy in this picture? Like I'm the lovechild of a Vulcan and a human or something? I mean, Captain Kirk did try to convince someone once that Spock was actually Chinese, so... Alright - I've revealed enough of my inner nerd for one post.


  1. OMG. I love stripes. But I only own one thing with stripes (except socks...socks don't count).

  2. haha awww! I like those earrings and as for the pointy ears, I think it's just the picture. I must admit I like stripes too, almost every pattern...except I have a bit of trouble with argyle, a bit too preppy for me I think.

  3. sarah - Oh, I have some pretty outrageous socks. Reindeer print, anyone? And I won't promise that I never wore them outside of the holiday season...

    Angela - I guess that angle isn't the best ear-flattering angle, haha! I love argyle, but it can look pretty weird. It has to be a good size and color combo, otherwise it can look cheap/wonky.

  4. where can i get these jeans?!

  5. Anon - I got these a few years ago from Saks. I'm sure that since the skinny black jean is still a hot item that you might still be able to find it!

  6. ooo a bakery!!! that sounds like so much fun, did you get to take home the leftovers??? :)

  7. You look so fresh and relaxed. I am dying for this cardi!!! I love your hair!

  8. OneFashionistaDiva - Thanks! I have a love/hate relationship with my hair, haha! This was one of the days I let it be instead of straightening the life out of it (my hair is naturally wavy)