Thursday, October 29

ties are not just for monkey suits

I am so ready for Friday. Me and the BF are going up to Dallas to visit one of my close friends for Halloween weekend. We're dressing up as characters from Mario Bros., with me as Mario (mustache included!), the BF as Luigi, and my friend as Princess Peach. It's going to be AWESOME. That's right: AWESOME in all CAPS.

And now, the OOTD:

J.Crew button-down shirt
J.Crew Ruffled Celosia cardigan
J.Crew double-serge pencil skirt
Target Xhilaration white tights + black tights
BCBG Allie flats
J.Crew classic leather belt
J.Crew knit tie

The whole reason why I even wore this outfit today was because I really wanted to wear this tie. I found it last Sunday in the men's sale section for $14.99. $14.99! That's a steal!


  1. You look so cute in a tie! It could look very Avril Lavigne and faux punk, but instead it looks preppy and unexpected and v.cute.

  2. love the outfit. The belt is great!

  3. im in one ever comes to my city...see you at j crew galleria!

  4. The Modern Life always comment about your blog, so i can here to check it out and my conclusion was: AWSEMO! very cool outfits.

  5. What a great outfit! How creative of you to use the tie and the outfit still looks so feminine! I hope you post pics of your costumes b/c they sound so cool!!!!

  6. I love the tie! I can't wait to see pics of your costumes, please share!

  7. How do you like your pencil skirt? I just ordered that one online (same color) and I'm OBSESSED! I think it fits really well and the cut is super-flattering. You look great - even in a tie - which I think you can pull off. I'm not sure I could! So pretty!

  8. love the tie! aww have fun this weekend! i'm in the process of making our costumes but i don't want to say what we're going to be yet in case making them becomes a total disaster. the mario and luigi idea is so cute :)

  9. You are JCrew'd out today! The tie is a cute look on you, I love the color of that skirt (and contrast belt), and I spy the elephant ring. Halloween plans sound's *almost* Friday!

  10. I love this outfit, the tie is adorable. You pull this look off so well.

    Hope you have fun in Dallas. I think I'm going to be out that way in the Spring. My best friend lives near Dallas and her baby is due early next year so I promised I'd make a visit to TX. You'll have to tell me all the fun places to go to!

  11. I love the orange belt with that skirt!

  12. Cute tie. The jc tie I want neverrr goes on sale, booo! :P

  13. love the belt, really cute outfit! and the tie looks great on you, I could never pull that off!


  14. Love this outfit, you pull it off perfectly! I adore the unexpected pop of orange.

  15. Molly Darling - Thanks! Agh, I didn't even think about the Avril Lavigne thing! I would not want that at all!

    Angela - Thanks! I really want the hot pink one too, haha!

    Tamstyles - Haha, yay! I've been to Dallas more often than Austin, isn't that crazy?

    TOOTD - Thanks! I hope you come back!

    NoJCrewinJapan - Thanks! I love it too!

    Pamela - I will! I'll post up pictures from Halloween when I come back. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out! (well, I haven't seen the BF's Luigi yet, but I trust him)

    Kathy - I will, sooooon!

    GingerSnap - I LOVE that pencil skirt! I have it in the tropical aqua color too and I wear it far more often than I thought I would. It's just the right length/cut/etc. Perfection! You should try the tie one day when you're feeling fun! I'm sure you'll be surprised by how easy it is!

    tres tippy - I doubt your costume would be a disaster, seeing as how awesome your Batman/Batgirl ones turned out! I'm still in awe over those!

    e. - The elephant ring is there indeed! And I didn't even realize I was J.Crew-ed out until I was typing out what I was wearing, haha!

    Summerilla - Thanks! I don't live in Dallas and have only been there a few times, but I'll ask my friend who lives there to recommend some places! I hope you have a great time in our fair state when you do visit!

    sarah - Thanks!

    tastymoog - Thanks! I hate it when an item I want never never NEVER drops in price. Annoying!

    Toothfairy - Thanks! You should give it a try before ruling it out!

    Debye - Thanks!

  16. It's good to see that there are people who wear a tie with or without the suit. The clothes look really great that it fits you.