Monday, October 26

tired of the rain, ENOUGH ALREADY

Nature, are you listening? Enough with the rain already. I am tired of my normally already-way-too-long one hour commute in the mornings turning into an obnoxious hour-and-a-half commute because drivers evidently can't handle a bit of precipitation in this city.

Leifsdottir mystery dress, thrifted
J.Crew ringspun cardigan
Hue navy tights + Modcloth Satine tights
BCBG Allie flats

And introducing the Kooba Jacinda bag. Welcome to my closet, my dear!

And of course, for those interested in the bag to human ratio:

In other exciting news, I've officially reached 50 followers! W-O-W. And, as I promised before, that means I'm doing a giveaway! Unfortunately, I've been unusually swamped these past couple of days (and I mean unusually, because I usually have no life), so I haven't been giving a giveaway prize much thought, but by next week, there should be something wonderful for you all to win! What will it be? For now, I have to focus on getting through this week and Halloween...

Speaking of which, I'm curious: are any of you dressing up? If so, as what? I love Halloween for the costumes, so pray tell!


  1. yay for 50 followers!! you thrifted that leifsdottir dress?? where? I live in Katy, the burbs. i actually enjoyed the rain today but I can see how an hour long commute plus the rain plus houston drivers can be crazy.

  2. That's it - I'm coming over and borrowing all your clothes! LOL. I love that dress.

    I'm so excited to dress up for Halloween! But I'm not saying what I'm going to be yet because I'm not sure the costume will get here in time and then I'll have to think of something else!! My fur babies are dressing up like a mouse and a devil - but that's going to last about 1 minute or less. It's basically just for a picture.

  3. congrtulations on reaching 50 followers!!! your Kooba bag is just Gorgeous!!

  4. LOVE the bag- I have a fondness for oversize slightly slouchy bags. As for Halloween, just got invited to a party last night so I have no idea! Congrats on 50 followers!

  5. Fifty followers! Great job!

    I love the bag. It's so nice.

    I'm dressing up as a girl I used to go to high school with. It sounds mean, but the girl is the epitome of 'scene'. It's more like she's my inspiration. I'm going to have a bandana in my hair, crazy sunglasses, and my bangs spiked up.

  6. Congrats on your 50 followers! Your dress is awesome--what a great thrifting find.

    For Halloween, the BF and I are dressing up as ACDC; we're basing our costume on the lead singer & guitarists outfits from the "Back in Black" video. :)

  7. GREAT outfit- the Jacinda goes with it perfectly. I'm so jealous, I love that bag!

  8. That dress is so cool! I love the bag, too. Much nicer than the J.Crew bag.

  9. that dress is insane! i love it! could have sworn i saw it somewhere once (nordstrom? online?), but can't remember where.

  10. OMG. So glad you kept the Kooba. Love it!

    (And we both know you were dying for my opinion)

  11. that dress is such an amazing find! we're hosting a halloween party and i'm working on our costumes tonight...i'll post about them on friday (hopefully, if i finish in time!) that human to bag ratio is sooo important. i am considering selling my gucci because the ratio is like 1:1 it's way too big for me lol. i hope the rain has left your area--we're getting 3 days of it in the northeast!

  12. You are too cute! Love the dress.

    Since I told the boyfriend I refused to be whore-ish on Halloween, I'm going as Olive Oyl. :)

  13. OMG, I love your look!!! The dress is so fab, and the bag, amazing!!!!! I want that dress girl! I am so happy that I have my computer up in running...I know, i went M.I.A.:)

  14. i am in LOVE with both that dress and that purse! They are awesome and I want them NOW!!!! You're too cute!
    Congrats on your 50th followers! Yay!!! Can't wait to see your giveaway :-)
    I wish I could dress up as something for hallowing, however, I really have no life bc I work all the darn time and I still don't know that many people around here! boo for that!

  15. cute dress!!!
    and i'm not dressing up but my dog is... :)
    (as a hotdog)

  16. I am so impressed by your thrifted Leifsdottir! My fiance and I are (ironically) going as Edward & Bella from twilight. He's pretty psyched about getting covered in glitter.


  17. Hooray, congrats on 50 followers! Love the outfit, love the bag! That purse is perfection. It's just what I would want in a bag.

    I'm not dressing up for Halloween since my evening will most likely involve me sitting on my couch typing up an interview transcript for my research paper. AHHHHHHH!!!! (insert scary scream here) hehehe.

  18. Angela - I thrifted it from Buffalo Exchange in Midtown. I was super surprised when I found it there, shoved in the racks!

    Summerilla - Deal, if I can borrow yours also, haha! And awwww, fur babies as a mouse and devil! Even if it is only for one minute, it'll be the MOST ADORABLE MINUTE EVER! And I hope your costume arrives in time!

    Daily Lily - Thanks!

    Molly Darling - You better come up with a costume quick, haha! And thanks!

    Stephanie - That sounds hilarious! You're basically going as a scene kid, then? FUN! They wear such outrageous stuff! I had plenty of those in my high school... I was the "punk rock" kid back in the day, if you can believe that at all! Oh, I was so young and angsty...

    Rosemary - Isn't it? I felt like I had found treasure when I uncovered it, haha! Your couple costume sounds AWESOME! I hope whoever is the guitarist has a cardboard guitar or something! DO ITTTT!

    Chloe - You must get it! (or trick someone into getting it for you!)

    Pamela - Yes, I'm glad I chose this one in the end!

    tastymoog - You probably did see it somewhere before. I have no idea where, though, or even what season it's from!

    sarah - Oh, I was waiting anxiously for your approval, sarah! You better believe it!

    tres tippy - I'm EXCITED to see what you will be for Halloween! Eeek! And yes, for tiny people like us, we need to make sure our handbags don't consume us, haha!

    Anon - Olive Oyl, how fun! I've never thought of that, and I'm super intrigued by the idea. I used to watch Popeye all the time when I was growing up!

    OneFashionnistaDiva - YAY, you're back! I've missed your posts!

    Tatiana - Awww, no Halloween plans? That's a bummer! Do you work weekends too? I don't know how you manage it, I'd lose my mind! You're obviously made of tougher stuff than me, haha! I hope you at least get to see some interesting costumes!

    sharon - CUTE!!

    Maria - I know SO MANY people who would be envious of your going with your BF as Bella and Edward, haha!

    AppGal - AHHH! That's a scary Halloween plan! And a bummer too! Maybe you can type up your interview transcript while donning cat ears, haha!

  19. re: halloween: just got an invite today, so I am scrambling to get a costume together. I want to do diana rigg as the contessa/tracy draco (my fave bond girl), but not sure I have anything retro/sexy enough. we'll see...

  20. tastymoog - That's a great idea! She's super glamorous as well, so that'd be a lot of fun!

  21. Amy -- wow, you scored that dress at a thrift store!! Lucky :) It is the Printing Press Sheath from August '08 and was uber-expensive...I have it too, but I have a feeling that you got a much better deal!

    Anyway, you look adorable in it. And congrats on 50 followers :)

  22. I am looking for the Leifsdottir Printing Press Sheath. I was wondering if you could tell me does it run TTS? What size do you have? Thanks.

  23. Linda - Hi, I have a size 2 and I normally wear a size 4. It's a bit tight, so I'm assuming that it runs TTS. Hope that helps!