Monday, November 16

monday, you are not my friend

Ugh, Mondays. I can't think of anything good about them. (thinks really hard) (thinks harder) (headache) Nope, still nothing. If you can think of anything positive to say about Mondays, readers, do enlighten me. I'd love to start off my week with something other than utter loathing.

I had a pretty bummer dream last night. It wasn't a nightmare per se, seeing as how it didn't involve invisible dinosaurs, immediate peril, and tornadoes (actual example from the bizarre-o goldmine that is my subconscious), but it did involve someone being very, very mean to me. I have to admit that I'm slightly miffed at that person for being so mean to me in my dream. I mean, how dare they?!

Xhilaration tiered tank, Target
Cropped tuxedo jacket, H&M
White cord pants, J.Crew
Joley patent flats, J.Crew
Drops necklace, F21
Jacinda bag, Kooba


Ugh. Back to Monday at the office.


  1. What's good about a Monday? It's four days closer to another weekend!

    The door to your left (my right) looks as if you have a holy light coming from behind it. Like heaven is waiting behind that door! The lighting looks so cool! Either that or it's an unknown entity like on Poltergeist-"go to the light carol anne, go to the light..."

  2. Um, Mondays are awesome because....

    Nope. I got nothing. Sorry.

  3. It's really the TV and sharing what happened over the weekend with coworkers that gets me thru. Gossip girl, house, heroes (and in winter , 24)

  4. hate mondays too. I always end up feeling kinda crappy on mondays!! Sorry about that dream, I really hate it when that happens cuz it's not like you can tell that other person to stop being so mean.
    I love that F21 necklace! It adds such a pop of color to your outfit!

  5. you look so cute! i love the turqoise and gray together! i got your mssg about the bubble's heavy when you hold it in your hands, but it's not bad around the neck. you don't really notice the weight.

  6. The only good thing I can think of about Monday is that the Mamas & the Papas did a pretty good song about it. That's it.

  7. So cute! I love the tuxedo jacket. It's highly unfair that the closest H&M is in Hong Kong. Talk about unfairness! I love that jacket on you! I like how you paired it with the top. I got through my Monday and I'm pacing my way through Tuesday. Yuckity yuckity yuck. :-(

  8. I love it all together

    H&M and Forever 21 = Love!!

    The only things I don't buy there would be a leather jacket.. can't find a good one :(

    Style on a String :: Because style has nothing to do with money.

  9. Monday is no friend of mine either. Boo. On an up note...the bag is SO fabulous!

  10. OK I have the seafoam Stormy Sea necklace and I've been thinking about putting it on ebay since I had no ideas about styling it. But this is really simple and cute! I think I might do something like this with mine.

  11. Mondays may be blah but your outfit is far from it! I love that necklace, i am going to have to start paying more attention to F21's jewelry!

    Oh....and I can definitely relate to having a hard time not being a little angry at someone over something they did in a dream!

  12. I hate having bad/weird dreams- it throws my entire day off, ugh.

    You look darling, though! :D

    I take Mondays off from work so I don't have to deal with having "The Mondays"- quite clever, aren't I. ;)

  13. I want white pants, you look so cute in these cords. I really love them but I've been debating buying them or not. What to do What to do.

    I hate dreams like that... they stay with me all day and I just keep thinking about it. I wish dreams could always be happy!

  14. That outfit is FUN (but still office-friendly). I'll have to try out a cropped jacket someday. I never felt like I could wear them (I have a long torso) but maybe with the right layering... and I love that necklace on you.

  15. You look so cute! I really like the F21 knockoff of the Stormy Seas because the green color is so darn adorable :)

    I laughed at your dream story! Actually there is someone in my office who is pretty mean to me (we used to be good friends but he out of the blue stopped talking to me, no explanation, defriended me on Facebook, the whole nine yards, when he found out I started dating my current boyfriend...just a weird situation), and sometimes I have dreams about us being friends again and him being nice to me, and I wake up the next day and am actually more kindly disposed and feel like smiling at him because he was being nice to me in my dream! So I guess it goes both ways ;)