Wednesday, December 9

voluntary foot torture

I promise I'm trying to catch up on all your lovely blogs and respond to comments - where did all this flurry of activity keeping me busy come from?! Did I step into someone else's life? What happened to my typical weeks of doing nothing particularly exciting for hours on end? Since when did I become so... so... productive?

textured jersey bouquet tee, J.Crew [x]
twisted trooper sweater cardigan, F21 [x]
striped wrap skirt circa 2007, Theory
black tights, Hue
'polly' heels, Tahari [x]
elephant ring, F21
the time teller watch, Nixon [x]

I love these heels! It's not easy to see in the pictures, but they're patent leather (which I'm a sucker for) (ooo shiny), maryjane-style with an adorable silk bow, and peep-toe. There is no part of that description that doesn't sound fantastic to me. The only problem is that the heel is HIGH, which means that my feet take a beating every time I wear these. But do I care? No. (and I may or may not have taken them off before and walked around Macys with bare stockinged feet after I couldn't take the walking-on-fire feeling anymore) (shhh!)


  1. The F21 sweater looks great on you, and I like how you mixed it with a light-colored full skirt and super high heels (I'm fairly certain I'd only think to wear it with black or grey, or jeans.) The only time I can stand to wear heels is when I am sitting down at a fancy occasion. :)

  2. that cardigan is adorable!!! i love it

  3. so cute. i like the way that you hooked up the rose tee.

  4. Outfit looks smashing darling!

  5. love that cardigan! :) looks great on you. lol about the shoes, I do that to my feet all the time. Poor babies, but I don't care!

  6. e. - Thanks! The skirt decision was pretty last minute, which may explain why it's, uh, really wrinkled. Hahahaha... I don't wear heels all that often too, but with the holiday party coming up, I figured I needed the practice!

    Rosa - Thanks!

    OneFashionistaDiva - Thanks! That tee has to be my absolute favorite tee at the moment.

    yogagirl - Thanks!

    Angela - We're only young once, right? Wear those heels!

    sarah - Thanks! I got them on clearance, which is always AWESOME.

  7. I just posted about that sweater! I NEED IT! I LOVE IT! And now I need your shoes, too!

  8. HAHAHHAHAA... why am I always so distracted to other things in your pictures... like the vacuum cleaner!!! :P


  9. Maria - You do need it! And I'm a bad influence, haha! You would look so adorable in that cardigan, I just know it. It's surprisingly well-made for a F21 piece, too!

    Toothfairy - Well, I -do- have a lot of things going on in my room, haha! And that's actually a heater next to me... my room's been chilly lately, brrr!

  10. I love the way you pose, always looking so whimsical...

    The whole outfit is very pretty, I wish we could take a walk in the park and have you wear that outfit...seems like the perfect walk in the park outfit!!! ;)

  11. I know it would torture your feet, but babies would smile at you, so it would be worth it!

  12. I have the Owl ring from F21. Love Love Love the Cardigan though! Very cute :-)

  13. Hahaha, I've definitely had that "walking on fire" feeling before with heels. Ouch. But they are SO cute! Seriously. And my size is left on Piperlime, so it's a sign! Right? RIGHT? :|

  14. dinagideon - Aww, thanks! And for smiling babies, I'd gladly torture my feet just a little longer in those heels!

    Chloe - I won't be a bad influence and say that you should get those heels... but I WILL say that I LOVE THEM! Make of that what you will!

  15. Anonymous - Thanks! I saw the owl ring, but my store didn't have my ring size anymore. Booo!