Wednesday, January 20

yup, still more ruffles

The lighting in my pictures vary dramatically. So much depends on the sun and the clouds and whatnot. And the overhead light in my room doesn't work, which means I only have one little Wal-Mart floor lamp to provide lighting. That should explain why some days my OOTDs look a bit... dim?

Like today, for instance:

'spicy olive' perfect-fit scoopneck tee, j.crew [x]
tiered ruffle cardigan, j.crew factory store
green stone necklace, f21
clear stone necklace, j.crew factory store
studded flower flats, gojane [x]

I can't get enough of layering my F21 necklace and the crystal one I got from the J.Crew outlet. The only downside is that the F21 necklace is HEAVY. Ah well.

Can you tell I'm pretty much loving my Joe's Jeans skinnies lately? I don't know what it is, but some days a certain pair of jeans fit better than others. And this certain pair always changes from week to week. Lately, it's these jeans. Does anyone else experience this? Weird.


  1. I love the juxtaposition of the 2 greens. Very nice. And you don't want overhead lighting when you're trying to take pics- they cast light downward, casting shadows under your eyes that make you look tired (I *only* have overhead lighting in the room where I take pics, unfortunately). Walmart floor lamp isn't so bad. 2 Walmart floor lamps might be even better...

  2. Oh, you are a girl after my own heart...even though I take the majority of the irl photos in my sunroom, those are taken by Mr. Dina, so I always know they will be fine. The ones I have problems with are the ones I have to take in the mirror...even with good light half or more are blurry (can't use the flash), irritates me to no end!!! :)

    That ruffled cardi is cute, I must have missed it!!! I do have the top, great layering piece that looks lovely on you!

  3. Love the ruffles - and I love the layering necklaces also.

    I have such a hard time with picture taking. I usually have to do them in the mirror of the BF isn't home and I struggle with that.

  4. cute! i love the green necklace against the lime green top. great color combo.

  5. i LOVE my j crew factory store <33
    you never disappoint :) great outfit

  6. Love the greens!! Those necklaces are to die for!

  7. I totally do that with jeans. Actually, my Joe's are seeing some serious rotation right now in my wardrobe. I love how they fit my curves so well. I neeeeeed more!

    And since I don't own ANY skinny jeans, and since Joe's do well for me, what are your thoughts on them? Do you think they would allow room for my more ample thighs? :) I'm a little scared of skinny jeans...

  8. You look so cute Amy, so what you're wearing ruffles again? I mean really, how could you not be wearing ruffles, what else is out there??

  9. those are some big necklaces, and you wear them so well! :) i love the greens with the white/cream sweater--looks so fresh. my best-fitting, most comfy jeans are also joe's. i wear them almost daily when i get home from work—i wish they were a darker wash because then i would wear them *to* work!

  10. Every time I see you in ruffles, it makes me want to go out and buy some of my own (I just have 1 measly ruffle tank from F21)! Love the outfit - it's casual but the accessories pull it all together.

  11. i heart my skinnies...your joes look adorable on you! have you tried the new denim leggings from madewell? they are my newest fav and super comfy. and the best part is they actually look like real jeans :)

  12. great necklaces! and I also love my Joe's, they make the perfect length for petites

  13. I just linked to your blog from a shot out from Anthroholic and I love you style!!! It is so much more of what I see myself wearing.

    I would love it if you would provide links to the clothes you wear. That way I would know where you find it and possibly buy it right then!!!

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  14. Tara B. - Wow, you're absolutely right about the overhead lighting - so maybe

    it's a blessing in disguise that my light doesn't work? Haha! And I totally

    would get another lamp, but I am waaay too lazy...

    dinagideon - Mr. Dina does a great job taking your photos! You always look so

    lovely and fresh. But yes, I hear you on the no flash annoyances! ERGH! I

    went to the J.Crew factory store two weeks ago and the ruffled cardigans were

    still there (and 40% off!) so maybe you can still find it!

    Summerilla - Mirror pictures are definitely tricky. I have yet to master

    that, so I rely on self-timer, haha!

    Lauren T - Thanks!

    Nicole - The factory store definitely has some pretty great pieces!

    LuLu - Thanks!

    AppGal - I'm glad I'm not the only girl who's discovered the wonder of Joe's

    Jeans! I love my Joe's skinnies. I've found that the skinny jean thing can

    look good on ANY body type. The trick is finding the right KIND of skinny. I

    can't wear the kind that taper in too much or else it really emphasizes my

    hips and thighs in a bad way (I am quite hippy and thigh-y, which I like to

    think isn't very obvious because my pants fit well). That and it makes me

    look super short. So I stick with straight leg jeans (which aren't really

    skinnies, but whatever!) or any skinnies that don't hug my ankles. My Joe's

    were perfect, though I forgot exactly what cut they were. Definitely give

    them a shot!

    DEA - You're right, there are so many ruffle things out there. It's good news

    for me (I'm a lover of ruffles), but I am looking for some more non-ruffle

    acquisitions, haha!

    e. - Ooo, you need darker ones! I love Joe's, haha! I just discovered them

    last year too. I'm so late.

    Ro - Thanks! As an advocate of ruffles, I say give your ruffled F21 tank some


    Sharon - I haven't tried on denim leggings - I just get scared of leggings as

    pants because I'm not exactly the thinnest girl out there, haha! I'm tiny on

    the top but pretty ample on the bottom, and for the most part, leggings don't

    agree with me.

    Christina - You're right! I love the petite sizes!

    Becky - Awww, thanks for visiting! I love Kim's site, so I'm pretty pleased

    that she linked to me, haha! I try to provide links to what I'm wearing, but some of my clothes are from seasons past or from stores that don't have a website. I'll definitely be linking to more recent purchases, though!