Friday, February 12

flower power

It is 9 a.m. and I am hungry. I know I should eat breakfast, but that would mean that I'd have to wake up 15 minutes earlier than I do. I don't know about you guys, but when it comes to sleep vs. breakfast, sleep wins every time.

'bold boutonniere' dress by burlapp, anthropologie
'bling-button' cardigan, j.crew [x]
bow belt, modcloth
black tights, hue
'allie' flats, bcbg
'pave heart' ring, coach [x]

This dress is still awesome. The giant flower on the front always makes me smile, except for when crumbs accidentally fall into it. I'm a really messy eater, guys.

Happy weekending!


  1. This is so pretty. And the tights make me smile, because it means other people are having winter, too, not just the crazy mid-Atlantic. :)

    Maybe I should do this tonight...wear a pretty girly sundress but winterized. Hmm...

  2. ::Sigh:: I heart that dress so badly.

    :: Double Sigh:: You look fabulous today - faintly wintery with all the cool colors, but very springy as well. Do I make any sense today?

  3. Haha, Amy, I am cracking UP at the last part of your post. That huge flower as a crumbcatcher is just the most hilarious concept to me :) You look great though, I really like the pale minty green with that dress, and the cute thin little belt really ties everything together.

  4. Sleep sometimes beats showering in my world. Or at least brushing my hair and putting on makeup.

  5. I really love this outfit! I have seen this dress before but with this outfit I love it.

  6. Ahhhh I would die for that dress. Do you know if its still around?

  7. This post made me all kinds of happy. I own that dress and haven't worn it in a while, it looks so flippin' cute on you! This morning I ordered J.Crew's featherweight long cardigan in mint julep
    because I wanted something in that colorway and didn't know if the bling button would be too short on me, but after seeing it on you, I'm regretting my decision :'(
    Also, I love how you managed to belt the cardi and still not have it look weird (since the dress already has a belted waist area) Awesome post!

  8. LOVE this dress and the entire look actually. Everything goes so great together!

  9. dinagideon - Oh, we're definitely still in winter over here! We luckily don't have piles and piles of snow, but it's still chilly. Brrrr! I bet you can rock a "winterized" sun dress, hehe!

    Lisa - I get you! I think the big flower definitely screams "spring" but the black tights beg to differ. That's me right now - caught between seasons.

    goldenmeans - I'm afraid to say that I have gotten crumbs in it. Siiiiigh, haha!

    sarah - I shower at night because of I'm pretty sure sleep would take precedence over showering in the morning too. I know myself too well.

    Carly - Thanks!

    PinkSass - It's from last fall/winter, so it's no longer in stores, but I bet you could find a few on Anthro exchange blogs and on eBay!

    Tara B - The bling-button cardigan is amazing, but I'm sure you'll love the other cardi too! That color is WOW. I think the key to belting an already belted dress is to hide the belted part, haha!

    Fashion Therapist - Thanks!

  10. You look so cute and I love how you're wearing with the bling cardi and tights. I wonder if I can still get that dress somewhere?

  11. That dress looks fantastic on you! Love how you styled it :)

  12. sleep vs breakfast is such a tough call for me. hmm, breakfast in bed = best of both worlds! you look absolutely adorable in this. i have the all black doppelganger of this dress and its indeed the best crumb catcher ever! ;)

  13. GAH how did I miss this post for so long? You are a CUTIE in this outfit. I adore it and I want that dress in my life now. You look os great in a full skirt!

  14. agreed... sleep > breakfast all the way!!!

  15. Oooh I love how you put this together! This reminds me that I need to pull out my own bold boutonniere dress and wear it!