Wednesday, February 17

one cheery convict

It's halfway through the week and I am finally well enough to make it back to work today! I'm glad, too, because I'd rather be healthy and working than sick and bored. Time off for sick days would be more fun if, you know, you weren't sick.

I'm feeling rather sunshine-y so my favorite bright yellow cardigan got to come out and play today:

'favorite striped ribbed' tank, gap [x]
cropped cardigan, gap
jeans, true religion
'studded flower ballerina' flats, gojane [x]
locket, lucky brand
'steggy' necklace, diy
cluster ring, j.crew
'time teller p' watch, nixon [x]

I look kind of jailhouse rock in that striped tank, don't I? Ah well... I still love it.

I'll be posting my weekend Valentine's Day outfit soon! I finally got my little paws on a dress I had coveting for years - and it was totally worth the wait.


  1. That DINO necklace is awesome! My kids would freak if I wore that bauble.

    BTW, I will take your cheery convict over boring black any day! :)

  2. Wait. I don't think I knew you were sick. Or did I? I don't even know what day it is, so don't ask me.

    But glad you're better.

  3. What a cute pick-me-up outfit! Yellow is always so cheerful.

  4. I love your flats collection - you always seem to have the most interesting embellishments on them to "flash them out" a bit.

    And there is nothing wrong with stripes - "Robble, Robble." :o)

  5. SO happy to hear that you are feeling better and back to work. I completely get you on how much better sick days would be if you weren't sick!

  6. love the steggy! glad you're feeling better. sick days when you're actually sick are such a bummer. i'd rather use a sick day for playing hooky and going somewhere fun.

  7. I'm SO glad you're feeling better. Yellow is the perfect color to brighten up the mood too!